Top 5 eSports Games with the Most Betting Options

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There are many casino reviews in 2023 dealing with eSports betting, but knowing the games with the most betting options is crucial. That’s why we have decided to bring you the top 5 eSports games to bet on in 2023.

Top 5 eSports Games

In eSports betting, games are specific and very much more than the regular casino games. Having this in mind, it’s of utmost importance to know the betting options of eSports games. Luckily for you, we’ll show you the best eSports games with the most betting options right here and now!

About the eSports Betting Options

Betting on eSports tournaments is not like betting on sports events. While in essence the two collide in terms of odds and winning chances, eSports betting has various specific bets. You should know of the games with the most betting options to help improve your betting results.

Still, as the eSports betting field is still relatively new in 2023, some games have more options than others. It’s always good to stick with these games as they provide a greater betting selection and therefore better chances.

Options vary from proposition bets specific to each game to regular options like the tournament winner bets. If you wish to know about all the conveniences of the games with the most betting options, let’s not waste any time.

eSports with most Betting Options

If you are among the players that like to have a greater choice of available bets to place on eSports, you’ve come to the right place. To avoid any delays, here’s a list of the eSports with the most betting options in 2023:

  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • CS: GO
  • DOTA 2
  • FIFA

Of course, every online player has preferences on favorite eSports to bet on. However, these games truly offer various betting options to take the betting on completely another level. In 2023, betting on FIFA almost seems like betting on a real football game.

In the same manner, League of Legends and DOTA are some of the games with impressive map-related bets. Let’s go over all the betting options of these games to provide you with precise info!

League of Legends Betting Options

Betting on League of Legends became so popular with the rise of eSports betting. Nowadays, eSports bettors can get even more options on their favorite games than on some casino games. It’s all thanks to the splendid amount of online tournaments available.

Various leagues also make the betting more exciting as they provide more matches to the players. As a player, the easiest bet you could place on League of Legends is the match-winner bet. Still, there are other bets as the winner of a round or a tournament winner bets.

Proposition bets also exist for League of Legends as they allow you to bet on game skins and handicap bets. First, kill bets and the most kills bets also count for the total of offered bets on League of Legends.

Betting on Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the most popular shooter games in 2023 and it also comes with convenient betting options. For starters, the players will have the chance to bet on match winners and winners of the tournament.

Moving on, the betting options evolve from handicap bets to prop bets included exclusively for Call of Duty. This way, you can access the betting options that may not be available for other eSports. Among the special bets, players can decide to go with the first knife kill or other specific bets.

Most of the proposition bets on Call of Duty relates to mapping winners and specific weapon kills.

CS: GO – Betting Options

The betting options on CS: GO still rise by the day as betting on the game gains in popularity. As a famous shooter title, the CS: GO found its way into the hearts of many online players. Now, you can enjoy a premium choice of betting options on the game.

From betting on map winner and tournament winner to specific kills bets – it all adds up to a pleasant experience. Those that know the game will be able to make the most out of betting on it. This is due to the specific bets that fit under the category of proposition bets.

With all the options in store, CS: GO is one of the easy choices for having the most betting options.

Betting on DOTA 2

You can’t proceed with the top 5 eSports games with the most betting options without mentioning DOTA 2. The game itself is vastly popular, but the betting options started to catch up in popularity.

The outright bets and tournament winner bets are just the tips of the iceberg. Total maps played bets and total kills bets fit among the most popular DOTA 2 bets. Besides, the options like race to kills and first blood bets further enhance the thrill of betting on DOTA 2.

Betting on DOTA 2 also includes some simple straightforward bets like the single match bets.

FIFA Betting Options

Betting on FIFA evolved so quickly that you now have the chance to bet on it like on a real sports event. Over/under bets on the limits set for the number of goals, cards or even corners now exist. To spice things up, players in 2023 can make use of the live betting software.

This way, it’s possible to bet on FIFA like on a real football match! Besides outright bets and live bets, FIFA offers more options in 2023.

Some of them are based on the individual players of the teams so make sure to know about the game first!


Perhaps eSports betting didn’t reach sports betting in terms of betting convenience so far. Still, the NZ players can enjoy a plethora of options in 2023 to make the thrill even greater.

It’s easy to understand all of the mentioned bets and hopefully, you will get the chance to apply your knowledge in real wagers!