Evolution’s Dream Cather Review – Lucky Wheel for the Win

September 18, 2021 Posted in Casino Games, Live Casino by No Comments

Dream Catcher is a live wheel fortune game where players need to bet where on which number will spinning wheel stop on.

This exciting game is getting more popular on all major online casinos platforms.

Players should know that this game can be played at any online casino that has Evolution casino software Live Dealer Games.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this game is the fact that it is simple, quick, and gives huge winning chances.

Evolution’s Dream Cather

Introduction to Evolution’s Dream Cather game

As we said, the game is pretty much simple.

First, the player will choose the chip value he wants to play with.

After that, he will select the bet options he wants to gamble on.

He needs to place a bet on some number from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40.

Basically, if the wheel stops on the number that the player selected to bet on, he will win.

The best strategy when it comes to winning in this game is trying to lower the risks.

Therefore, players should not use their bankroll too much.

For instance, wagering on numbers 1,2, and 5 and accumulating small winnings can be a wise decision.

Over time, those small winnings will give you better-winning chances.

The mentioned numbers have the best winning probabilities.

Multipliers on the wheel

There are multipliers on the wheel that will increase the player’s payouts.

Basically, two of them are positioned on the wheel – 2x and 7x.

They present bonus spins and their role is to multiply the next win.

Players will easily notice them since these bonuses are colored silver and gold.

The silver one refers to a 2x multiplier, and the gold one refers to a 7x multiplier.

Online Casino Live Dealer Feature

What attracts players the most to play this slot game is the appearance of a live dealer.

He gives a true gambling experience to the players and makes them feel like they are in a real land-based casino.

During every spinning session, the live dealer will keep the players animated.

In other words, he will chat with them, offering them assistance and announce to them the outcome of every round.

Players can also consult with the live dealer for all additional details, information, and concerns.

Players can expect some additional features from this game

The game offers two different game modes – a classic and full-screen HD one.

Also, the game gives players different viewing angles since the camera is moving while the wheel spins.

All video and visual features are amazing.

On the other hand, players can expect some promotions from online casinos such as casino bonus, deposit, and no deposit bonus, free spins, etc.

Game payouts

All of the payouts are referring to the actual number.

Therefore, the number 5 will increase the player’s payout by 5.

For instance, let’s imagine that the player places a bet of £2 and bet on number 5.

The payout will be £10 (2×5).

On the other hand, multipliers will increase the payout by multiplying the winnings.

The highest payout is generated with field 40, which offers the lowest probability rate to the players.