Progressive and Non-Progressive Slots

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Slot machines always have been, and likely always will be one of the most common forms of entertainment in casinos. Why is this? Slots are very easy to use, can result in many exciting moments, and require little strategy to get started.

While having fun is, of course, a key component of a good night at the online casino, most who attend casinos have the aspiration of leaving with more money than they came with. In order to be an effective player, it is best to enter the casino with knowledge of the machines you are going to be gambling on. Pure luck will always dictate the outcome, but knowledge of the rules of the games can help improve your experience.

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There are two main types of slots: progressive slots and non-progressive slots.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots have one main feature that sets it apart from its non-progressive kin. These slots are often grouped and linked, with a giant jackpot that increases the more people play on the batch. Each time someone pulls the lever, the jackpot will go up with a portion of what they entered.

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

These are the types of slots a player is going to look into if they want to hit that giant payout that will make them rich. These slots are quite popular as players lust to hold a giant check or keys to a new car in their hands.

It’s hard to resist the urge to put money down in hopes of hitting it big, but there are downsides to the progressive slots as well. These types of slots often require a maximum bet to even contend for that sweet jackpot. Because of this, it is very easy to blow through the money a player comes in with. The slots also tend to feature an auto-play feature that will keep tossing money in after each round. While the payouts can be massive, it is much easier to spend more money in a shorter amount of time on progressive slots. Smart players will always watch their funds and spend wisely.

Non-Progressive Slots

The non-progressive slot type is another widely enjoyed type of slot machine found in casinos. These types of machines are sometimes favored due to the fact that they are thought to pay out more often. These slots usually won’t hit big for $1 million, but could hit smaller amounts with greater frequency.

Players who enjoy feeling the rush of winning itself may lean more towards this type. Many people also prefer this type because of the independence of the odds. Also, non-progressive slots tend to feature lower bets, so players who enter with less money are likely to play this type. That does not mean that they won’t be leaving with an empty pocket!

The rush of pulling the lever or hitting the button on a slot machine will always draw patrons to the casinos in hopes of winning big. Coming in with knowledge of the different kinds of options may help tip the odds in the favor of the player. When looking for a huge payout, players should prepare to spend more on progressive slots. When looking for more frequent, smaller wins, players should turn towards the more lighthearted non-progressive slots.

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