Learn How to Play Lightning Roulette from Evolution

September 12, 2021 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

Lighting Roulette is a game developed by Evolution Gaming online casino software provider.

What makes this roulette game so attractive and popular is its extraordinary features.

There is no roulette game that offers something unique like this in Europe.

If some of you did not have a chance to meet with this game and explore it, then you should read the text below and find more about Lightning Roulette.

Basically, after the players place bets, they are waiting in every free spins to see whether their numbers will become lighting.

However, even if this does not happen, the player still gets the reward.

Lightning Roulette

First step

If you want to learn how to play Lightning Roulette the first thing you should do is go to the live casino section of the online casino games you choose.

There, you will need to find the live Lightning Roulette.

After you click on the game title, the casino will take you to the live studio of Evolution Gaming where the game is presented.

Second step

Once you are in the live game, you need to choose your chip value.

Basically, they have different values, so it is up to the player to choose which one he wants to play with.

This depends on the player’s budget.

There is no need to spend all your money while purchasing chips because the winning can be multiplied.

Third step

After choosing the chip, the ball will spin and the player can place his bets.

The player has the opportunity to play all regular roulette bettings.

However, if he wants to go for a lightning number which is the main feature in this roulette game, the player needs to straight-up his bets.

Once he sees that selected number become a lightning number, after playing a straight bet, a player can win up to 500x your bet.

Fourth step

In every round, one to five lightning numbers are displayed and they can be multiplied from 50x to 50x.

The players need to wait to see where will the ball stop.

If it stops at one of the bets, a player will get paid.

Let’s see some interesting gaming features

Players can expect that Lighting Roulette brings all the typical roulette elements.

The theme of the game comes with a specially designed wheel, an interesting and entertaining live dealer, and with numerous roulette bets.

Additionally, the game brings the most popular features called Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

What makes them so attractive is the fact that they can give players the chance to win incredibly big multiplier payouts.

The only thing that a player needs to do to win these rewards is placing a straight-up bet on that number.

Players should know that all lucky numbers are randomly generated using the software which guarantees both regularity and fairness.

In case some players do not select the lucky number, he still gets an impressive payout.

There are some other roulette options for betting such as splits, corners, or betting on black and red color.

Indeed, there is something for everyone’s taste and skill.