Why Is 7 the Lucky Slot Number?

April 10, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The casino world is full of superstitions and myths, facts.

And everything else that can make the experience even more memorable.

The slot games are really something else and that’s why they are so popular all around the world.

Well, have you ever wondered why is the number 7 appearing on the spin all the time?

Whether you win or not, the number is everywhere, almost haunting you.

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So, what’s the fuss all about? I am here today to explain it to you.

Read this article in order to find out! 

number 7

Even since ancient times, number 7.

And the numerology, in general, all had a very big impact on humanity and their beliefs.

Even today, many people believe that numerology as a concept contains all the wisdom for how to live life.

And also the meaning of it as well.

Well, that’s how the number 7 got its name in the casino world.

According to numerology, the number 7 is the number of angels, and its a really intuitive and highly spiritual number.

Even the great Pythagoras himself said it.

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It’s supposed to mean prosperity, luck, and a magnet for everything that good and pure.

That’s how it got its own place in the casino and even the slot world. 

Every casino is associated with many symbols such as clover, horseshoe, rainbow, and even number 7.

It often happens that then you win three 7 on a spin machine.

Whether it’s online or in a real, land-based casino, the combination can be worth a jackpot.

This is a really exciting moment for everyone who has experienced it.

And that’s how the number 7 is considered even a lucky number.

number 7 on a slot machine

There are many people that wear charms and necklaces with the number engraved in them.

All of this is done because when you’re in need (in this case, of winning a jackpot), you would believe anything and do anything.

Maybe for some people, it’s a superstition that represents nothing more than a lie and myth.

But many other people actually believe in it and have proof that it actually works.

The number 7 is considered really lucky mainly because of the Bible.

And some people are pretty sure that that’s how it got its famous lucky name in numerology as well.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, even if you are from another religion.


You can help but notice that the number 7 is really popular and lucky at the same time.

Everyone knows that, and the fact that the number 7 means jackpot in the casino world.

And it says a lot about his meaning and the importance at the same time.

So, don’t be afraid to believe, and be sure that someday, it will be all worth it.

All of your charms, necklaces and the fact that you don’t give up on the hope that the number 7 is much more than a number. 


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