The Beginners Guide to Roulette

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The casino world is popular around the whole world.

And that’s’ why we shouldn’t wonder why everyone is constantly focusing on this activity among many others.

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The casino itself is really famous, but what’s even better is the gambling games.

They are fun, pretty easy to master and learn, and the most important; they can bring you a lot of money.

Maybe even make you a millionaire.

One of the many casino classic games is the roulette.

I’m sure you have heard of it, maybe even played it.

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But what are the exact rules of this very popular game that everyone just can’t get their hands off?

roulette wheel

Basics of Roulette

As we all know, the roulette game consists entirely out of a roulette wheel and poker chips.

We have all seen movies where the characters place their bets on a roulette wheel and wait for it to bring them luck and lots of money.

Well, they are not far from the truth.

Every casino roulette game is played on a roulette table.

On the table, there is the roulette wheel, poker chip that helps you place you betting money.

Then, inside and outside bets that are marked with the color black and red and have numbers on them.

The numbers are usually from 0 to 36 and the same are engraved on the actual roulette wheel.

Also, there is a white ball that determines the whole game and who will win it.

Before the games start, the ball usually sits on the top of the roulette wheel and the casino dealer throws it in while spinning the wheel.

Lets also not forget the roulette chips that are really similar to the poker chips, which are placed on the number that you want to bet on.

The classic rule applies here as well: you shouldn’t touch the chips once the dealer spins the wheel, it’s considered as cheating. 

roulette wheel


Not everyone knows that there are many roulette variations that even though they sound or look similar, they are usually not.

Here are some of the most famous roulette variations that everyone should know:

  • European roulette – This game originates in France, so obviously that it will have a European version. This is by far the most played variation and almost everyone prefers this one. The numbers are classic, form 0 to 36. And the game is pretty much the basic way that we all know.
  • American roulette – This is the second most popular version, as you can see, and the difference that the American roulette has is the addition of the number 00 to the roulette wheel.  It’s nothing crazy so far and it’s not as complicated. 
  • French roulette – This one is the rarest version because of its one specific rule; the players are being paid half of the money bet that was lost on the number zero. 

These rules are the most basic ones that can be found because, after all, the roulette beginners that want to play this casino game don’t even know these ones.

Its a really fun game that you can play and master, and the money that can be won on this game are really big, and can even make you a millionaire overnight.


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