Gamble to much? You are not alone

April 5, 2017 Posted in News by No Comments

It’s not a fun subject to interrupt with for most who can control their gambling. We just want to remind our visitors the importance of set a budget for your gambling. Let it be your kind of “lotto subscription” and if you can not keep it on a reasonable level seek assistance to manage your problem.

To set a budget and stick to it is our best advice. Some months you’ll be on plus, but keep playing for the budget next month to be able to cover up for your eventual losses. Because they come. All casinos have the odds on their side and you will never win in the long run as long as you don’t hit the jackpot.

Enjoy the games. The thrill. But don’t be swept away! sports betting and pokie machines are fuelling the rise of problem gamblers on the northern beaches, according to a busy addiction counsellor.

Cristina Williams, from Uniting Recovery Counselling in Manly Vale, said among her clients she had one woman whose gambling habit meant she didn’t have enough money to feed her children and a man who lost his home after gambling $500,000 on the pokies.

She had noticed an increase in people seeking help, particularly men aged 25 to 45, addicted to online sports betting.

β€œMen used to chat about a sporting event and what they thought might happen, but now they talk about bets when they talk about sport,” Ms Williams said.

β€œBetting has become part of the game, part of the social conversation.

β€œIt so easy to do, you can even do it on your mobile phone, any time of day or night.”

Ms Williams said along with online betting, pokie machines were still a major problem for some, and something men and women of all ages sought help for.

She said every gambler tended to have had an early win which had spurred them to try again until it became an obsession.

She said gambling was devastating lives with some clients losing their homes, marriages and jobs. read more at