The Loyalty Program From VoodooDreams Casino

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The loyalty program at VooDooDreams Casino is a really nice way for players to collect points, earn a little bit extra on the side, and get invested in what VoodooDreams has to offer. Take a look at what this program does for you, and you might decide that you need to be a part of it. You have to sign up and start playing to get into the program, and you can learn about all the points and incentives they offer.

VoodooDreams Casino

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  • Enjoy hundreds of the most popular casino games
  • Live Chat Support

1. What Are XP And SP?

XP are Experience Points, and SP are Spirit Points. Users are given both as they play on the site, and every player must check their account to see how many points they have every day. Players earn points in small increments on each game, and The points provides players with many chances to improve their standing with the online casino.

2. What Do Experience Points?

Gamblers are given experience points on every game they play, and the point total grows every time gamblers make even a single wager. The experience points allow players to rise through the ranks, and players get to different levels that allow for many cool opportunities.

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3. What Are Spirit Points?

Spirit Points are special because they are unique to the way people play at VoodooDreams. Spirit Points are given through promotions, special game bonuses, and deposits. Spirit points are used to castr spells during games, and they might help someone win a lot of money that was slipping through their fingers. Spirit Points set the casino apart from other casinos, and they should be kept close to the vest until they are really needed.

4. Casting Spells For Rewards

You are allowed to cast spells for rewards when you have enough Spirit Points. However, you have to be aware of what all the spells do. There are a few to get used to, and each one is different in its purpose. Read through the spells to learn how they progress in their power.

  • Blood Magic–Blood Magic spells allow players to get a certain number of free spins on their next time through a game. The spins appear randomly while games are going on, and players might keep their games going for a long time.
  • Dark Magic–Dark Magic gives players a small deposit bonus that could be used on any game.
  • Light Magic–Light Magic gives players a large deposit bonus on any game they want to play.
  • Spirit Magic–Spirit Magic gives players cash that they could withdraw immediately from their account.

5. Long-Time Players Are Rewarded

Long-time players are rewarded through this program because they are engrossed in the level system that has been introduced by VoodooDream. People love moving from one level to another, and they like to see the leaderboard with their name near the top. There is a certain mystique in the different levels and their names. Players are given new spells every time they go to a new level, and they might set goals based on the levels they could achieve.

6. Conclusion

VoodooDreams Casino has an interesting rewards program that helps players gamble for fun, make some money in the process, and enjoy earning rewards on every new game. Players could get extra spins, deposit bonuses, or real cash that could be withdrawn at any time.

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