How Online Casinos came to be one of the most popular activities

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Gambling has been around for a very long time, this is something that we all know. It dates back to before the 1800s. It’s an entertaining hobby that people all around the world have gotten into for decades and it has only grown in popularity ever since online poker and online gambling in general came out to the public. So let’s talk about the history of gambling and online gambling in New Zealand and how it came to be one of the most popular activities that the internet has to offer you.

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No one has an exact date as to when gambling actually came to New Zealand though everyone believes that it has been around for as long as the people have. If there are people there to make bets, there are bets being made. Unfortunately there was a law passed in 1908 that was called the Gambling Act of 1908 that made it impossible and illegal to place bets outside of a New Zealand racetrack. It is doubtful that this act stopped all bets outside of the racetracks but if people wanted to make their bets legally, that is where they would be to do it.

The strict laws against placing bets and gambling in New Zealand persisted until 1951, almost 50 years after the original law was placed. In 1951 everything shifted and the laws against gambling started to relax so much that there was a lottery introduced that year that people could enter to win money from. That lottery was called the Golden Kiwi Lottery and ever since it came out to the public the popularity of betting and gambling only grew in New Zealand. Now there are poker games and slot machines placed in bars and dozens of casinos that you can visit all around the country.

Other forms of betting such as Horse Racing have almost always been legal. There was a short time period where you were not allowed to bet on a horse if you were not on the race site but that law was thrown out not to long after it was made. Now you can place bets on any horse from anywhere in the country and you don’t have to be at the races to collect your earnings.

As far as gambling and placing bets in online poker games and gambling in online casinos, it is still illegal to do so in New Zealand even if you are of age to do so. But only if the game is hosted in the country. If you are of age and can legally place bets and start to gamble at a casino in the country, you are fully allowed to place bets and gamble in online poker games if the server is hosted overseas and not in New Zealand.

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