Pervasive Myths About Online Gambling

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Online gambling debuted roughly 20 years ago. Over the past two decades, millions of people tried their luck at online casinos. Originally, online gambling was met with much skepticism. Innovative and new wagering concepts usually are. In time, the gambling public became more comfortable with online casinos. Seeing how these online gaming emporiums put people’s concerns to rest. Unfortunately, myths still abound regarding online gambling. Here are some of the more pervasive and inaccurate myths:

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#1: Gambling Online Isn’t Legal

If online gambling was completely illegal, all those casinos in operation would be shut down. True, online gambling might be banned in a particular jurisdiction. Restrictions could apply. For example, in New Jersey, a player must be physically present in the state and play at specific casinos. Other territories may be “wide open” in terms of how players may wager. Check local laws before attempting to play. In general, online gambling maintains perfect legality in various regions.

#2: Online Gambling Isn’t Regulated

This myth makes no sense. One major reason national and local governments legalize gambling is to collect licensing and tax revenue. When crafting the laws to legalize online casinos, scores of rules and regulations are put into place. The laws and rules seek to ensure fairness among players and make sure casinos follow certain rules.

#3: Casinos Never Pay Players

If this way the case, the online casino world wouldn’t have lasted 20 years. Cheating players out of their winnings won’t contribute to a smart business model. Not all casinos operate perfectly though. Sometimes, withdrawal requirements may be “rule heavy.” Read specific casino reviews to determine whether the payout-related customer service delivers with efficiency.

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#4: The Gaming Platforms Cheat Players

Since computer software runs slots, table games, and more, legitimate concerns exist about cheating. Here’s some good news: most casinos utilize highly reputable multi-million dollar software companies to produce their games. These legitimate companies aren’t interested in producing rigged software. Also, third-party regulators examine the software used by licensed casinos. This further ensures the integrity of the gaming programs.

#5: Online Casinos Are Owned by Criminal Enterprises

Perhaps this wild assumption comes from the myths of old Las Vegas when organized crime and casino gambling went hand-in-hand. Today, the gambling industry remains a rather mundane collective of businesses. Scores of legitimate corporations invest in online casino ventures. Why wouldn’t they? Online casinos can generate significant revenues. With legitimate corporations involved in online gambling, the presence of money launderers and other criminals isn’t exactly supported.

#6: The House Always Tops the Player

In all casinos, the house has a few edges in its favor. The player also brings his/her skill and savvy to a chosen game. Luck plays a big role in outcomes as well. As far as the house always being able to win, if it did, online casinos just wouldn’t exist. This is a common response to questions about cheating and dishonesty. Online casinos must run a legitimate ship or they go out of business.

#7: Online Gambling Leads to Addiction

A certain percentage of gamblers do develop a problem. To state otherwise wouldn’t be true. Gambling problems existed from the first time someone came up with the idea for wagering. Not everyone develops a gambling problem though. Online casinos often run disclaimers about gambling addiction and sometimes provide suggestions on where to get help.

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#8: Deposits are Unlimited

An individual casino likely limits the amount of money a player can deposit within a set amount of time. This way, the potential to lose money at a particular casino also becomes limited. Deposit limits help address issues related to gambling problems.

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