Rizk Casino – Wheel of Rizk

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Wheel of Rizk is the ultimate finale of all the games played on Rizk. This final level is reached by filling the power bar. Players fill this power bar while playing all of the other games. When in it full, presto, the Wheel of Rizk gaming level is activated. And there are several different levels on this final level as well. The first time the power bar fills up just begins the first level. After the player plays the first level of Wheel of Rizk, he or she will begin the process again, playing the other games until the Power Bar is filled up a second time, and on and on it goes it that cycle.

RIZK Casino

  • Win Wager-Free prizes
  • Large game selection
  • No Wagering on Free Spins
There are ten levels to the Wheel of Rizk. The limit is one Wheel level per day. So after playing games to fill up the Power Bar and then playing a level, players can immediately begin filling the Power Bar a second time but will have to wait until the next day to play the next level of Wheel of Risk. The Wheel of Risk is very popular because it can result in some big cash payouts. There are lots of symbols on the wheel they will get you money. The most coveted of these is the Jackpot symbol. This will result in the biggest payout.

However, there are some other much-prized symbols. There is the Double Speed Chip. Once the player obtains one of these he or she can activate it to make their Power Bar fill up faster for a limited amount of time. It also helps the player win more free spins. There are three kinds of free spin chips available. There is the red free spin chip. This is the easiest to obtain and results in the player getting several free spins. There is the super free spin chip. This results in free spins that are worth €1 per spin. Finally, there are is mega spin chip, which is by far the most popular and coveted of the free spins. This one is a real game-changer.

It will give the player several free spins, all of which are worth at least €3 per spin. All of the rewards of Wheel of Rizk are completely wager-free but must be claimed within seven days following the final level up. We urge all to come to the Rizk, the wheel is waiting.

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