A Slot Machines’ Complete Guide

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Everyone knows or at least has heard about the famous casino game, the slot machines.

They are fun, easy to manage and eve master and the most important, they can make you a really rich man or even a millionaire.

But, when did these casino games started? How can you play and master them, and the most important, where are they now in the casino world? Let’s find out! 

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The Beginning of the Slot Machines

The first slot machine was invented in built in San Francisco, in 1894.

A man named Charles August Fey started it in his basement, and then it was shown as a really successful activity.

Because everyone kept playing it and paying to get a taste of the sweet slot machine.

Then as the time has passed, it started having automatic payouts and the slot franchise was all over the place.

Everyone loved it and was asking for more.

At that time, it was a three-reel slot machine, but today the slot machines have many types and numbers of reels. 

an old slot machine

Types of Reels

With technology updating and progressing all over the world, the slot machine industry has a lot of types of machines and that’s why there is truly something for everyone.

With so many types going on, of course, that there are basics that no one can avoid. I will name a few of them because after all, there are many versions of the original and traditional slot machine:

  • Single coin machines – even though this version was the original one, it’s really hard to find nowadays because the technology is inventing all kinds of slot versions. As the name suggests, you put a single coin inside the machine and spin it. But, mind you, they aren’t as profitable as the modern new machines.
  • Multipliers- this version is the basic one of all the modernized slot machines. This type’s name says it all, and the bigger your bet, the bigger the win. After all, sometimes it’s better to bluff a little in order to win big. 
  • Multiple Payline Machines – traditionally, the slot machines are supposed to have only one pay line where the slot icons appear. But, in this case, there are multiple pay lines, and there are even slot machines that include more than 20 pay lines at once. But I must remind you, the multiple pay lines don’t guarantee your win, it’s all up to you. 

slot machines

The Future of Slot Machines in the Casino World

Even though the slot machines have had their ups and downs, I think that their future in the casino world is very bright.

Even though maybe today, it doesn’t seem like it, believe me, everyone loves them and there are more and more fans of slot machines every day.

I think that’s the formula for success; slowly but surely.


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