The Joining of Leo Vegas Casino and High 5 Games

April 26, 2019 Posted in Casino Softwares, News by No Comments

Casinos nowadays just like any other business have to always be thinking about how to improve their services, how to enhance their products to keep players engaged and returning back to their establishments and yet remain current with the constant changes in technology. 

Leo Vegas Casino

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Years ago most online casinos could operate independently and be very profitable but now due to changes in times and the ever-changing business world, casinos must now partner up with other entities in order to expand their business and remain current with the times. That is why Leo Vegas Casinos has partnered up with High 5 Games software provider. High 5 Games is one of the leading games makers in the casino world. Their games provide a unique experience for the player that will keep any game player returning back for more.

The agreement between the two companies entails the High 5 Game developers to have the ability to send at least 80 or more of their games to the Leo Vegas Casino via online through their vault. The games are mostly online but consist of a mixture of traditional and new slots along with updated technologic features. The new integrated features allow the casino players to have an even better, immersive experience when playing. 

Some of the games include All That Cash Slot, Thunder Buffalo, Secret of the Forest Slots, Double De Vinci Diamonds and Valkyrie Queen Slots. These are just a few of the games that make up the portfolio of online slots that High 5 Games has to offer. The contract agreement also lists that High 5 Games will issue out 8 new games per month for the length of the contract, the games will not only be available online but also in 14 different languages, and the casino will have the ability to customize what games they want to have released and what months. 

This will allow for the casino gamers the ability to always have a fresh variety of games to play so that they do not become bored or uninterested in what the casino has to offer. All of the before mentioned benefits are on behalf of the casino’s side but the High 5 Game producers will also have benefits from this agreement as well. Because of this partnership, High 5 Games will be able to increase their international presence in other regions that they were not apart of previously. Some of those regions include Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom to name a few. 

High 5 Games will also have the ability to go live in all of the markets that Leo Vegas Casino operates in therefore giving them the ability to reach a larger audience. Even the owner of the High 5 Games has been quoted saying that this was an excellent move on behalf of the company. This partnership has given High 5 Games the oportunity to expand their reach and to conquer their ambutions to take the company and their games globally. 

The High 5 Games developing company is a very well known casino game company that has a proven track record to deliver online and engaging games that are sure to provide an engaging and interactive gamer experiene that is unlike any other.