What is Strip Poker?

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If you are anyone who is a fan of social greetings and is within his early college days, you have probably had fun playing truth or dare or spin the bottle with your friends.

These social games are the norm and give life a unique twist to everyday life.

Combine things like alcohol to the mix, and you are in for some wild times.

Well the same thing, well, somewhat, can happen in the game of Poker.

Poker is usually played with money and chips, however, what if you switched that with clothes?

The Idea Behind Strip Poker

Strip poker is found commonplace in modern pop culture.

It is a form of gambling where you gamble away your clothes and have to take them off as you play.

It has been portrayed in plenty of movies and tv shows throughout the years and is known by a wide range of people throughout the world.

a group of people sitting naked on a poker table

If you are skilled and lucky, you will have plenty of naked people alongside you when you are done.

How to Play

This is one of the simplest variations of casino poker you can play, however, there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to play the game properly.

The first and possibly most important step is to invite people who are comfortable to be around each other.

As well as people who are comfortable with their bodies as the last thing you want is someone feeling uncomfortable.

Or even as if his privacy is invaded by a simple game of poker.

Texas Holdโ€™em, 5-card, or 3-card poker are excellent options, to begin with.

Next, you need to set up and agree on some ground rules.

poker chips and cards on a green table

The weakest hands strips or all of the losing hands strip for example.

And remember to count the clothing and make sure that everyone has the same number of clothes and accessories before beginning the game so it is fair.

It would be extremely unfair if one person showed up with a lot of clothes and accessories on him.

While you are there with some jeans and a top in comparison.

You can stop this from happening by agreeing on what everyone can wear before attending the event.

For guys, a good choice is a pair of socks, a belt and a tie as a bonus, while for girls you can choose a necklace, a ring and so on.

The idea is to have the basic clothing plus some subtle accessories so you have a trump card.

Remove any additional clothing or accessories before beginning the game of strip poker if you happen to find out that someone is not exactly following the rules in place.

Have fun and enjoy an entertaining and funny game of poker with your closest friends.