Women And Their Career Place in the Casino World

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Casinos are places of joy, happiness, and pleasure.

They can be glamorous and fancy, filled with amazing scenery from all angles, colors, and sounds that truly speak to you in ways no other location can.

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Working in a casino can be an enjoyable experience that offers a lot of flexibility.

A lot of casinos offer 24-hour operation, so picking the right work schedule can be a breeze.

Working for a corporation that has casinos across the world can also be amazing if you want to travel or progress throughout your career in various ways as-well.

So what career paths are available for women within the casino world?

Casino Managercasino

The job of a casino manager is to oversee all of the aspects of the day-to-day casino operation.

This ranges from recruiting new staff all the way to ensuring that the business complies with all of the rules and regulations that are set into place.

This means that the casino manager is the face of the casino and great hosts always ensure that everything is in place and players are always enjoying themselves in various ways.

Managing a casino can be a huge responsibility, as many casinos have staffs that range in size up to hundreds of people.

A degree in business management is a requirement, practical experience is a bonus.

Casino managers usually start from lower positions and work their way up, learning all of the ropes and everything they need to know about the casino and staff before taking up the responsibility.

Pit Bosspit boss

Pit Boss or Floor Manager ensures that everything goes smoothly on the casino floor.

Their responsibility is to solve issues in a calm matter.

They need to keep an eye for suspicious activity and potential cheaters within the casino and deal with them accordingly.

The main role of a Pit Boss is to ensure that the players are always enjoying themselves and that you help them if any issues were to rise.

You need to be quick on your feet and act quickly on situations that might occur.

Casino game knowledge is a must, as you will be monitoring the activity of players within those casino games, being able to read a person can be convenient as-well.


Dealers are the personnel that run the games.

They deal cards and take bets, or in some cases even spin the wheels.

You really need to be a people person and enjoy the company of people to fit in this position accordingly, so you would need to take responsibility and be able to handle people at their highs and at their lows.

If you are good at math, you will shine in this position.

Studying and analyzing all of the games is also important, as people will rely on your skills with their wagers.

The power of observation and a solid memory can bring you a long way in this industry.


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