Online Casinos Reviews

Online or virtual casinos provide gamblers with opportunities to play games and wager bets on the games through the Internet. The online casino payback percentages are generally higher than those of brick and mortar casinos.

A number of online casinos claim the payback percentages for their slot machine games are higher. In addition, if we assume an online casino uses a random number generator that is properly programmed, the payback percentage for table games such as blackjack have a proven house edge. The game rules establish the payout percentage of these games.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Jackpot City $1600 Review
2 Casino-MATE! $1400 Review
3 Spin Palace Casino $1000 Review
4 Spinit Casino $1000 Review
5 Insta Casino $1000 Review

There are basically three different types of online casinos.
Stand-Alone: In just about every aspect, this type of casino is different than all others. The first and main difference of these casinos is that they are powered by brand-named software. The software is designed for the exclusive use of one specific casino.

The games of a stand-alone casino are totally unique and can only be played at that particular casino. Even though these games are uniquely different, they are not competitive to other online games. Due to the need for stand-alone casinos to invest a great deal of money in order to develop their games, they often offer only a small number of games. The money they have invested can only be recovered from their one casino, whereas casinos powered by providers of software offer a lot more games and they add new games each year as well.

Powered by Software Developers: The software developers provide power to many online casinos. Therefore, a number of online casinos are powered by the software developers, and all these casinos offer the same games. They may all offer the same games, but each one has its own terms and conditions, promotions and tournaments. Besides, as we mentioned before, they offer a greater variety of games than the stand-alone casinos.

Online Casino Group: When a group of casinos has both the same provider of software and the same people managing them, they are said to be an online casino group. However, each of the casinos in the group operates as an independent casino.

The casinos within the group have the same games and the same promotions. However, each casino in the group has its own brand. If a person signs up for a tournament at one site, he or she may be facing players in any and all the casinos of the group.

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