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We are sad to inform you that the InstaCasino journey comes to an end on 18th of June 2019. About InstaCasino   InstaCasino is the brainchild of online marketers. While...

We are sad to inform you that the InstaCasino journey comes to an end on 18th of June 2019.

About InstaCasino


InstaCasino is the brainchild of online marketers. While some people might be turned away by this fact, others can take comfort in the fact that these marketers have paid remarkable tribute to the games they offer to customers. It’s all the glitz and glamour of great gaming with a marketing twist thrown into the mix. Perhaps it works well because marketers are really good at knowing what people want to see. They care about the wants and needs of people and in this case, gamers are the people who are going to benefit from this fact.

InstaCasino was imagined in 2014. It’s a full casino with an obvious show of love for slots. It went live online in September of 2015 and it certainly hasn’t looked back since. There were a few things the creators were going for. First, they wanted the casino to be fun, but not fun at the expense of security. They’ve paid homage to all of the great classic casino games and thrown in a lot of modern games for additional fun, but more than most other casinos, you can expect top notch security at InstaCasino.

When you visit Insta Casino

Minimalist is an understatement. This is all about the games contained within the barebones theme. It’s a mix of orange, red, and black, and you can tell that they’re not going for the flash normally reserved to casinos these days. It’s a solid interface that’s easy to follow and navigate, another tribute to the marketing genius behind the site. If you want to find a great game to play, this is the place to go. You can navigate around the site and enjoy gaming with a minimalist design, no large bells and whistles.

Bonus & Free Spins at InstaCasino

Promotions and bonuses are front and center. You can expect tons of spins and free pokies and even a no deposit bonus thrown into the mix, something few other casinos dare to offer their customers. The heart of these offers is the prominently advertised Welcome Package which gives you 20 free spins on Fire Poker, a popular game on the site. That’s a no deposit bonus that many gamers will appreciate.

Also included in the Welcome Package other than the bonus of free spins and free pokies is the 100% matching deposit bonus up to a set amount. While this is perhaps limited, you still get a great matching offer that’s unusual for a casino this new to offer. Don’t worry about it though. Once you get these promotions, you’ll also enjoy frequent shoutouts from the creators of InstaCasino. They love to reward repeat players with tons of promotions and bonuses.

InstaCasino in the Mobile

Are you a busy gambler on the go but still want to get great action from your online casino? Head over to InstaCasino on your mobile phone. They support most major phone platforms and you’ll get the same great action that you get on the computer browser on your mobile phone. While you can expect condensed play, you can still expect the same great action that you get from the larger version of InstaCasino.

Games at InstaCasino

Get ready for games like you won’t find anywhere else! This is a full menu of great games selected by a group of people who have years of experience in giving people what they want. Marketers creating a gaming site actually worked out perfectly here because they’ve really done their homework in deciding what games to offer on the website. They’ve got Pokies, Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, and they even have a live casino that is a blast to play. You can’t ask for anything more from your online casino so if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your gambling needs, you’ve found one.

InstaCasino holds its own among the greats. They offer great games from vendors like NetEnt, MicroGaming, and BetSoft, so you can bet that you’re getting the greatest games that the world has to offer right now. You won’t lack for anything when you logon to this site.

Deposits and Withdrawals at InstaCasino

It’s time to get to the heart of any online casino. How do you add money and withdraw it? If you’re going to be betting real pounds, you need a way to quickly convert currencies to bet in the live casino or to pay out or deposit. InstaCasino makes that easy with a multitude of easy platforms to choose from. Keep in mind that only certain countries can legally bet real money on this site. In some cases, your country might not be supported. But if you are, you can expect that you’re going to be able to deposit and withdraw money very easily on this amazing online casino. They’ve got all the regular credit and debit card deposit and withdrawal option along with digital currency options that are sufficient to get the job done for gamers.

Getting Help at InstaCasino

If you have difficulty with the InstaCasino website and have questions, they’re always more than happy to help you. They very rarely encounter customers with questions but when they do, they are able to easily answer them. The goal of the site was to set up a simple but fun gaming website that took all the red tape out of gaming. They’ve succeeded for the most part so you can bet that you aren’t likely to need their support. If you by chance do, though, all you have to do is write, call, or get on live chat and give them a shout. They are always more than happy to help their customers navigate the website and bet with no headaches at all. It’s their pleasure to help customers and you can tell that they really enjoy helping clients.

This is a great online casino with all the classic games you’d expect along with all of the more modern success stories of online slots, card games, and table games. You’re going to find a little something for everyone here.

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