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NZ$100 Bonus

Nightrush Casino offers over 700 games and always adding an array of newly created games to the game site. They provide a world-class experience!

About Nightrush Casino

We are an online casino gaming website that offers over 700 games including everyone favorites such as Back Gammon, Blackjack, Craps, Slots, Video Poker and many others. NightRush offers top of the line games that were designed by some of the best gaming makers such as NextGen, Netent, and Quickspin to name a few. NightRush games provide players with the feel and thrill of real casino games but offer the convenience of playing online anytime and anywhere. We are registered to through the Malta Gaming Association and we offer the highest quality of SSL technology to ensure the safety and security of all players and their accounts. We are always adding an array of newly created games to our game site. Our ambitious drive to be the best helps us to provide a world-class experience for customers.

When You Visit The Site

When visiting our site players are going to see a lot of games that are listed on the main page. The first point of notice will be the headers that have our most recent games that have been added to the site. There is also a search option so that if a player does not see their game of choice, then they can search for it by name. Also, our game site allows players the option to be able to visit the last game that they played.

Bonuses And Promotions

When new individuals sign up at our site we offer a welcome bonus of NZ$1000. In order for new players to receive the bonus, they have to do a deposit after opening their account. With each consecutive night that a new customer logs in to play our games, we offer a matching percentage bonus for the first week. For example, after opening a new account the first night bonus is going to be 100% match of their deposit up to $100 dollars. However which each consecutive night, a player has to deposit more but the bonus match and amount will go down. For example, on the second night, the deposit must be at least $150 NZ dollars and we will match that up to 75%. On the third consecutive night the deposit must be at least NZ$250 and our match bonus will be 50%. On the fourth consecutive night the deposit must be at least NZ$500 and our match bonus will be 25%.

Also to the bonus does not apply to all of the games. There are specific games there any new player must play a note to receive the bonus as well as making sure they do the deposit. The bonus is only for new and first-time players. Players that have played with us before in the past and then stopped and now have started back or not eligible for the bonus.

The promotions that we offer also vary depending on the day of the week and the month. For example, right now we are hosting the October rush races where players can compete against other players in slot games. The top 50 players can win either free spins and a portion of prize pool money depending on where a player may fall within the top 50 rankings. For each week in the month of October, the winners from the previous week will be announced on Monday of the following week.

We also have promotions established for the weekend only plays, Saturday’s only promos, and slot machines games promos to name a few. Our promotions were designed to offer players a fun and exciting gaming experience. All new players are eligible for the promotions and or bonuses so long as their account is opened and deposits are made for the required minimum. We do not offer a no deposit bonus.

Nightrush On The Go

Because we are an online gaming facility, any of our players or soon to be players can take a vantage of accessing their favorite casino game through a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. This gives players the ability to play their favorite game on the go. They can also play on their own time and convenience. Nightrush was designed to offer a world-class gaming experience based upon the original casino games to players who are not always able to play their games at an actual live Casino. In addition by allowing our players to have access to their favorite games online has increased our popularity and customer base. This is also the reason why we included the option for players to go back to the previous game they were playing. So if a player has started playing a game and then in the middle of a game, has to stop or put the game on pause to come back to it later on to finish, then once they log back into the game they can select the last game played option to continue.

As technology continues to change the way the world operates and also the way businesses interact with their customer base, we will continue to enhance our services to appeal to a broader audience base.


Nightrush takes pride in being able to offer some of the best, well-known casino games on the market in an online version. Games such as backgammon, blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker are all a part of our gaming selections that are available. We offer over 700 different games to choose from and to make players experience more exciting. We also host various promotions where players have the opportunity to win more money or other perks like free spins.

Deposits And Withdrawals

When it comes to making a deposit into an account, we provide a selection of banking options to be utilized for those deposits. Customers can either fill or refill their accounts with money using either a MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Netteller, Zimpler or card. All of our banking transactions for customers are handled through a secured transaction process which is digitally encrypted. Once the deposit has been processed it will show up in the players Nightrush account immediately. If a potential player has an issue with making the deposit, then they should check to make sure that the form of payment they are trying to utilize is a payment option that we except. If it is one of our selected options for payments and there are still issues, then the player can contact our customer support department by email. Please review our website for that information.

When it comes to customers withdrawing their funds we have tried to simplify the process as much as possible. The first thing customers need to do is make sure that their account has been fully verified. After a players account has been verified then all they have to do is hit the withdraw button and enter the total amount they want to take out. Withdrawal of funds from verified accounts is usually completed within 24 hours. However, customers need to keep in mind that depending on what type of banking system they are using, that particular company may not release the funds to them right away.

Contacting Support For Help

Our support department was designed to handle various issues that range from account logins issues to billing problems and gambling addiction. If there is ever an issue with a players account, then they can complete a ticket and submit it via email to the support department. At that time of receipt, the support department will review the ticket and reach out to that individual to assist them with whatever needs they may have. Our support department can also assist individuals that may feel that they have a gambling addiction and are looking for accountability help.

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