PlayGrand Casino Review

NZ$1000 Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins

Thousands of players enjoy their experiences playing at the Playgrand Casino. Their reputation as a casino is very solid.


Playgrand Casino is an online casino destination that is owned by White Hat Gaming Limited, and offers a wide variety of online casino games, including table games, slots, and a live dealer casino.

Thousands of players enjoy their experiences playing at the Playgrand Casino, as the casino was founded in 2015 and has been steadily growing their database of players ever since. Their reputation as an online casino is very solid, with a team full of experienced staff members handling the day-to-day operations.

At first glance, the Playgrand Casino appears to be everything that it claims to be, offering a fun and entertaining experience gambling on what seems to be a very professional casino interface.

When You Visit

When players first visit the Playgrand Casino home page, they are greeted with a dark black and pink website interface that features a wide collection of casino games. The most noticeable widget on the screen appears to be the jackpot total in the top left, offering a sneak look at the grand jackpot currently available on the casino.

Newcomers to the Playgrand Casino will likely be drawn in by the massive welcoming bonus at the top of the screen, claiming to offer 100 Free Spins for registering with the casino and making a first deposit.

The site is organized nicely, featuring easy to read tabs at the top of the screen along the pink navigational bar. There is a specific category for each genre of game, as well as a help section for new users who need assistance getting their accounts started.


Bonus and Promotions

There are three main bonuses and promotions that the Playgrand Casino advertises on their website. The first and most prominent casino bonus appears to be the welcome bonus that new users can claim when signing up. The welcome bonus offers 100 Free Bonus Spins and a Deposit Match (100% Bonus) up to $1000.

Welcome Bonus – Slot Choices for the 100 Free Spins


After registering for the casino and claiming the welcome bonus. Users can redeem their free 100 free spins on any of the eligible slot machines mentioned on the above list. It is a positive thing to see that there are a number of slot choices to choose from when redeeming free spins, this is something that a lot of other online casino choices do not offer.


In The Mobile

The Playgrand Casino offers mobile support, by providing a collection of mobile specific casino games. With mobile technology becoming more integrated with daily life, it is nice to see online casinos take action to integrate their casino software with mobile phones and tablets.

The selection of mobile games seem to function fairly well, so long as the internet connection is good on the mobile device or tablet. Mobile can sometimes start lagging if the internet signal is weak, or if the WiFi speeds are too slow for the website to handle.

The same features are also available on mobile, specifically the ability to toggle sounds, graphical settings, or preferences on each game. Overall, the mobile experience is about as good as the desktop or laptop experience would be.



This casino seems to offer a wide selection of casino games to their users. There is an incredible selection of slot machines to choose from, as well as jackpot games, live dealer casino table games, standard table games, and even scratch cards.

The games on the website function with either desktop, laptop, or mobile devices in most cases, although there are a few exceptions. There are specific slot machines that can also be used for bonuses (See the list above in the Promotions section).

Certain casino games offer a virtual currency known as loyalty points, which can be redeemed for extra money to use elsewhere at the Playgrand Casino. Some games offer more loyalty points than others, so it is important to read the description for each game to have a better understanding of how loyalty points are distributed.


Deposits and Withdrawals


Deposits are relatively simple to use, especially with the convenient opportunity to choose from a wide selection of payment methods. The most popular payment choices are VISA and MasterCARD, but a wide variety of digital wallets are also compatible with the Playgrand Casino. Bank wires can also be used for deposits, although they can potentially take longer than the alternative payment method choices.


The withdrawal system at Playgrand Casino is relatively straight forward. Users can withdraw money from the casino at any time, and usually within forty eight hours the transaction with change from pending to completed. At this time when this transition takes place, the withdrawal will become available through whatever withdrawal method you selected.

If there are ever any issues in regards to withdrawals or deposits, there is an FAQ and Chat Support system that can be used. More detailed information in regards to this support can be found in the ‘Getting Help’ section below.


Getting Help

Online casinos are competitive because they want as many users to play on their websites as possible. One of the features that can draw more players is a strong support system. A strong support system can go a long way to making a player feel comfortable at playing at a specific casino, and the Playgrand Casino appears to have all of the ingredients in place to allow their support system to help players in need of assistance.

One of the first things that a successful online casino needs to have is a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page for users to refer to when they need help with a simple question. This page is easily accessible by using the pink navigation bar at the top right of the screen, and clicking on the ‘HELP’ drop down menu and then finally clicking the ‘FAQ’ option. After arriving at the FAQ page, users can scroll up and down a large list of fairly common questions in order to get immediate assistance without having to go through the struggles of getting in touch with a staff member or support representative.

Should the FAQ section of the website not cover the specific issue a user is having, the user can refer to their second stage of support, the chat support. The chat support can allow users to interact directly with a staff member through a chat interface during business hours. Should users feel uncomfortable using the chat system, they also have the opportunity to reach out via email to the Playgrand Casino support team. Usually support requests are handled within twenty-four hours. The Playgrand Casino has mastered the ability to provide proper support to its users, and that is only one reason that makes this online casino a great place to relax and enjoy some gambling.

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