Roy Richie Casino Review

500 NZ$ 1st Dep BONUS + 100 Free Spins

Unfortunately, Roy Richie Casino is closed down! About Roy Richie Roy Richie is a big casino that has started to expand its presence online. The casino has been growing over...

Unfortunately, Roy Richie Casino is closed down!

About Roy Richie

Roy Richie is a big casino that has started to expand its presence online. The casino has been growing over time because they have a wonderful selection of both casino games and slot machines. This site works with wonderful developers who are featured throughout the homepage, and the site has created a large bonus for all people who show up to the site. This means that a lot of people can earn more money, and it also means that new players will have more than enough money to work with.

The site has been using many games such as table games, slot machines, and video poker machines. Someone who has come to Roy Richie for the first time will start to feel like they can finally win money playing games online, and there are many other people who will want to try out this site because it offers them a chance to keep most of that bonus money in their pocket.

The Roy Richie staff offers great customer service, and they have built up a reputation for giving people a chance to earn more money. This also is a place where people can come to get the newest games on their screens. The games that are newest allow people to fall in love with something that will be exciting to them, and they can play games that will provide them with the extra income that they have been looking for.

What Does Their Page Look Like?

The Roy Richie homepage is a bit like the place that someone would find a tycoon playing in their own casino. The website has a pleasing background that is very easy for people to read, and it helps people have a good time playing because they can get comfortable while playing any game on this darker background. The darker background of the site is also helpful as people scroll to the bottom because they can clearly see all the games and characters that have posted on the front page.

There is a menu at the top, and there is a place where people can go to see their account information, check out new bonuses, and see their banking information. Players can check how many games and how much money they have made in these games. The players can read the daily bonuses, and they can go to the other side of the screen to sign into their account.

The site also has a bottom menu where the players can read their FAQs and check out the contact page. The player who has explored the whole fo the site can start their account and play games to their heart’s content. They can even click on the badges for their favorite developers or click on the fair play icon because they have questions about the RNGs that run these games. The live chat bubble on the bottom of the screen allows people to get in touch with the staff, and they have seen the whole site once they have checked out everything.


Bonuses on this site start with the $1200 bonus that is given to all new players. The players who are getting their welcome bonus must spend that money before it can be withdrawn, but it gives them many free plays in the games on the site. There are free spin bonuse that are meant for use on slot machines, and there are bonuses that could be used for table games.

Players who get bonuses might be confined to a certain game because they are playing in a tournament or planning to play a new game. The bonuses might be for games from a certain company, or the bonuses might include free spins that can be used to play slot machines. These bonuses are all credited to the account instantly, but the players must check the rules for each bonus because they tend to be different depending on the bonus.

The bonuses are offered to players who make deposits and those who do not. Seasonal bonuses are available as the seasons change, and there are bonuses that make it easier for people to play certain games that they do not understand. The bonuses constitute a free play, and these free plays are very easy for people to complete because the bonuses are traditionally very large.

Mobile Play

Mobile play on the site happens easily because the site was designed to render perfectly on a mobile browser. There are many people who would prefer to play on mobile because they do not sit at a stuffy computer anymore. They can use the touchscreen on their mobile device, and they might step up to a tablet because they have a much better view of the games.

The mobile play does not require an app, and the players only need to be on a reliable Internet connection. The Internet connection makes it easier for people to play the games because they will load at the right speed. The player who has chosen to go mobile also needs to sign into their account so that they can have access to all their money. There are many players who will opt to go with mobile because that is easier in the long run. They might also like the way the games play on mobile because it helps them make more money.


Games on the site are designed by many companies who have partnerships with the casino, and they help keep Billion Dollar Casino as active as possible. The games are interesting because they are so different from one another. Players might start in a traditional part of the casino where they can only play regular table games and slot machines. The basic games in the casino include things like fruit slots, and players can play stud poker at a table that is at their ability level. The players might even want to play games with other players that help them challenge one another.

The games get more difficult and more expansive as people get deeper into the casino, and someone who is new to playing casino needs to search throughout the casino to see which games they would like most. There are special games that have stories, and there are games that have multiplayer options.

Someone who has fallen in love with table games could play live dealer games so that they can see the roulette wheel spin or the cards dealt. This is vitally important because the majority of players would prefer to be in a real casino. There is no need to travel to a regular casino, and the players still get to chat, meet the dealer, and enjoy a live game experience.


Money on the site is all handled through their secure server. The https prefix on the homepage is enough to let people know that they are playing in a safe place. The player who is new to the casino can take a look at the place where they link their bank account or credit card, and they can change their payment method at any time. The money that people spend on the site is protected by the secure server, and players can see their receipts on the account information page.

Players can deposit money into their account while they are playing, and they can withdraw their money just as fast. Players get a receipt for all their transactions, and they can even see which games helped them win the most money. The purpose of checking the banking page and reading the transaction log is to help players pick the right games to play.

Players can see their bonus cash, and they can even withdraw some of that bonus cash in certain instances. They can also see their bonus spins so they know how many they hav e left.

Customer Support

Customer support has a live chat bubble at the bottom of the screen, a phone number, and the email contact page. Players can send an email in the contact form at any time, and they get prompt replies to their questions when they have issues with the games of their accounts. The customer support team can send back fast replies, or they can talk to the customer over the live chat window while a game is going on. Players could have pressing issues that need to be addressed right there, and that allows the players to report problems with the site or the games.

There are fair play problems that people might run into, and they can file those complaints through the window that is provided. The players who want to call the site from a New Zealand phone will find that they can talk to a staff member if there is a serious problem, and it allows the players to save money because they are wasting their time waiting for an answer or continuing to play when something is clearly wrong with the site or with their account.

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