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Jurassic Park Slot
A Look at the Jurassic Park Slot Game

This is more than a simple review. This will include opinions from others who have played the game.

The Basics

Jurassic Park has 243 pay lines. It has 5 reels. It is a video game slot. This is not a normal slot game review. There is a difference between the two. It has the normal free spins and bonus rounds.

The player goes into a jungle type environment. Every player needs to place their bet before they come face-to-face with the dinosaurs. It is based on the 1993 film by the same name. It is based off the original one, not the subsequent, sub-standard sequels that came after it.

The wild symbol is a game log. It can be a substitute for any other thing except for the scatter symbol. Remember the mosquito locked in a gem at the beginning of the movie? This is the symbol being used as the scatter symbol. This symbol will trigger the free spins and bonus rounds each player gets. Play close attention to it. It is important.

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The Breakdown of the Dinosaurs

Here is how each dinosaur factors in.

1) The T-Rex is the wild reels feature. He will appear only when a player has a guaranteed win.

2) The Velociraptor has the wild and multiplier wilds. When there is a win it splits in two. When there is a multiplier it will split into wins of either 4 or 5 or 6 times the original win.

3) The Brachiosaurus has a multiplier win. This win can range from 2 to 6.

4) The Triceraptor is known as the running wilds. It begins with 3 stacks. Each spin will give you another stack. Players who get a re-spin will get half a stack.

5) The Dilophosaurus will also be a running wild.

Some of the reviews this game has received

“It’s not hard to guess the theme of the game. This is the easy part. So many games want to be “Jurassic Park”. They are in a hurry to do what everyone else has done. This game is not this way. It is set up well with the special effects and how the object of the game plays out. Once a player gets into it, it is cool”.

“The game is pretty cool. Some say the free spins are the hardest to find. There is a way to get around this. Just play at shorter periods with a higher stake. The big wins will come out after the bonus rounds. The Triceraptor will give players the biggest payout. Start there. Some players complain the game will not pay. There is a reason for this. The game may not be paying out because the player needs to adjust his/her strategy”.

“This slot is part of the micro-gaming series. Players can expect lots of graphics and visual aids and good sound. It is amazing. Had it not been for these features, this game may have sat on the shelf. This game does not lack in substance. Some assume that because it is based off the movie it is going to be all noise. Give it a chance. It does not lack in any of the departments necessary to make a good video slot game“.

“The graphics are rather impressive. However, I am not fond of dinosaurs. Never have been, never will be. I can see the game giving out substandard wins, nothing too big, though. The soundtrack is somewhat boring. I’m sorry. This is not my cup of tea. This game is not geared to players like me. Players who like dinosaurs, the movie itself and tons of graphics will be thrilled with this video slot game”.

“The game is cool. The only downside is the player gets to pick their choices after 25 rounds of spins. That is a little too high for some of us. This goal should be a little bit more realistic. Still a good game. Give it a try. Micro-gamers will be fond of it”.

The Verdict

This is just a taste of some of the reviews players will find online. Players who liked the movie and love dinosaurs should at least try it out. They may like it. Worse comes to worse, give it to someone else. Let them play it. It should be noted over 80% gave this game 10/10 stars.

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