Explore the Mega Ball Live Casino Game

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There is a new game in town from Evolution Gaming and it’s the great live game show – the Mega Ball.

This game is fairly different from the rest of the games in this suite, as it resembles a classic Bingo game.

However, the rules are slightly changed and the live dealing action makes it even more appealing.

If you want to learn about the game rules, features, and playing routine just join us and discover the details.

We will go through all the gaming-related factors of the game, as well as the benefits and potential for NZ players.

Mega Ball Live Casino Game

How does the new Mega Ball game work?

Reading quality casino reviews can significantly help in getting the most out of the online casino game.

That’s why we wanted to objectively cover the Mega Ball game by Evolution, to give you a real overview.

A friendly live dealer from Evolution studios will welcome you and you can start your play.

In the Mega Ball live game, it’s all about hitting full lines consisted of 5 numbers on a Mega Ball card.

You purchase cards before a game round takes place, and you can get a 5×5 card with up to 12 lines.

Every card leads towards a potential win, and you can buy up to 200 cards per game round.

The Mega Ball round starts once the cards become active and the dealer announces the draw.

Next, 20 balls out of the total 51 balls in the Mega Ball game are drawn from the machine.

If you hit full lines of 5 matching balls to the draw results, you can achieve great wins.

Finally, the bonus round of the game is the aspect that separates the Mega Ball from other live Bingo games.

With Evolution’s casino software, everything is possible including bringing the bonus multipliers to a Bingo-related game!

Exciting Bonus Game Included

One especially exciting game aspect is that an exclusive bonus game is added to the Mega Ball release.

The dealer will spin the ball tank for another draw as a special multiplier ball can be won.

The multiplier values in the game range from x5 to x100, making every winning line a potential Jackpot.

All you have to do to get the multiplier value is achieve a winning line hit and wait for the draw results.

If the multiplier ball matches your winning line, you can get the entire win multiplier by x100!

On the other hand, two of the special multiplier balls are drawn, so you get even more of a chance for a big win.

Overall, the Mega Ball game seems much like a regular live Bingo game, but with an addition of exciting features.

We are getting used to having such premium releases from Evolution and it seems that we can expect more shortly.

Ultimately, the Mega Ball game is a great and fun live-dealing game that NZ players can try on online casinos in 2023.