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NZ$1000 Massive Welcome Bonus

Always go for the gold when you sign up with any online casino, especially at Spin Casino, because they've got a decent bounty waiting on you-NZ$1000 BONUS!
In 2017, the online casino industry wouldn’t be the same again, as Spin Casino stepped onto the scene to make its debut. Backed by the Betway Group, they left many curious as to what they’d be able to bring to the table. With so many online casinos out there, would they blend in with the rest or stand out to become the newest innovator? Would they soon become the ones to bring a much-needed enhancement for with a little time to burn with their preferred casino games?


If time will tell, they’re doing well considering the number of years they’ve been in the online casino business. It’s time to look at the rest of their operation to really find out. A little more digging and it’s clear that they’re focused on providing the best online gaming experience possible and implement other incentives to keep them coming back, which is also what their parent company is known for as well.

With such a high level of organizational structure, they wouldn’t have been able to stick around if they had the slightest hint of being unethical. And it shows that they embraced a way of business that shows they can be trusted, as they’re a member of multiple organizations that have their foot on the ground when it comes to the online gaming industry as a whole. Top it off the most advanced security to ensure their customers’ protection, and you have one of NZ’s most renowned online casinos.

When You Visit


Upon first look, it’s clear that web design might not be their strong suit but there have been worse to exist in this industry. It’s mainly just that they still embrace old styles instead of the more simplistic appearances of today. The layout is simple and easy to navigate, so it’s not hurting functionality which is a good thing in itself. It’s a true classic, just like Atari.

Besides the need to embrace a little less clutter on the website, they do have a pretty good selections of games. So in other words, if you can navigate through the rough waters, calmer waters await you. Over 500 games on their website definitely sets them apart as one of the top NZ casinos online in terms of variety.

Bonus & Promotions

Always go for the gold when you sign up with any online casino, especially at Spin Casino, because they’ve got a decent bounty waiting on you. Over NZ$1,000 to be exact, do they have your attention yet?

Now there are some things that have to be done to make one eligible for this bonus. First of all, you have to opt-in and proceed to make your initial deposit which must be at least $20. When you make your deposit, they’ll match double it up by matching your deposit all the way up to $250. Not too shabby at all, and it’s definitely a great way to get ahead of the game before you even pick out your spot to play.

That’s not all either, Spin Casino NZ know how to spice things up and keep you reaping the rewards. Your 2nd deposit bonus can be 25% of your deposit, maxing out at $250. Great things come in threes though, so on the third time, they’ll provide you with a 50% bonus up to $$500. If you really want to play and get a bunch of free play in the process, it seems this is one of the strongest options.

You need to know that while they’re offering these rewards, certain games change up the payout completely. For example, when you play the slot machines, you have a 50X wager requirement that has to be fulfilled. Slots and a few select games will count for 100% of the wager. The table games are where it will count less towards getting the bonus pay from Spin Casino.

As far as any other opportunities, they usually reach out to their players directly than listing it on the website. Now they also have a loyalty program you can sign up for at the club desk. You will get 500 points right out the gate just for signing up. It’s a 6-tier program that appears to be simple to gain your spot at the more beneficial levels.

In the Mobile

Spin Casino started out slow when it came to embracing mobile technology, but they have finally done it with the release of what they call the Microgaming mobile option.There are only a little over 100 games available via mobile though, but even though it’s less of a selection on a computer but it’s still a decent amount. Anytime you want to have a little fun, just know the casino is in your hand.

It also seems that they’ve been successful in developing a casino app without the annoyance that many come with including but not limited to glitches, lags, and a constant stream of updates being installed due top not being optimized correctly or being released with bugs in the software.



Being one of the leading online casinos of its kind has come to where many expect nothing sub-par from them, so now is the moment of truth. Over 500 games ensure that their players aren’t even given the chance to be bored or tired of the game that they’re playing. The games that Spin Casino has includes baccarat, blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, and video poker.

Players at Spin won’t become strangers to machines with progressive jackpots aqs many have won big at Spin Casino over the many years they have been inb business. You will also notice that they try to stay on top of the newer games as they’re made available. Ensuring you have a quality experience seems to be something that this casino hasn’t overlooked.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The first thing that should be focused on when looking at this aspect is your safety and the safety of your information. With multiple memberships in organizations dedicated to ensuring the security of players, they have implemented a layer of security that conforms with the guidelines set forth by ESET and has earned them a certification for doing so.

Now that you know you’ll be protected, let’s get into the payment options. They accept just about every major credit card including but not limited to MasterCard, NETELLER, Visa, Paypal, and Skrill. The variety of payment options shows their dedication to making the experience as smooth as possible for their players.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, the minimum payout amount is $20 and the limit goes up to exceed $1,000. You can expect it to take up to 72 hours to be placed on your card. For faster options you would need a web wallet at those are only 1 -day transfers which is a lot better than 3. Most of the major credit cards are accepted as they use.


Getting Help

When you do anything online, sometimes things just don’t work right or they break entirely. You don’t want to be left in the dark with an unfinished \\game when things go wrong, do you? Especially is there’s nobody around to help you out.

No worries over at Spin Casino, as the chat on their website as well as those working the phones don’t stop as it’s a 24/7 operation. For the self-guided, they also have a list of frequently asked questions that you can dive into and see that someone had already guessed it.

It’s clear to see why Spin Casino is a leading online casino from the NZ. The selection of genes, level of dedication when it comes to customer experience, and fresh games. Really who’s going to turn that down? Happy gaming and may you hit the next jackpot!

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