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Since the advent of the internet, the gambling world has evolved immensely. Gone are the days that you had to travel to a land-based casino to experience a game of chance at the tables. Now all this is possible from the comfort of your home, office or as you enjoy an evening out with friends. Giant strides in technology and mobile advancements have all been pivotal in the growth of online casino games.

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However, to participate in any of the games you are required to register an account and use the payment methods provided to fund the account. As long as you are of legal age and reside in a jurisdiction that allows online gambling, there is nothing holding you back from having the time of your life. But, you may be wondering what options are available on the online platform. Take a seat I will fill you in.

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The slots are the most popular and frequently played on both online and land-based casinos. They have earned fancy names everywhere they are played. In the UK, they are referred to as “fruit machines” or ‘fruities” while in New Zealand, they are known as “Pokies”. A Random Number Generator (RNG) is the outcome determiner in every spin and therefore, no actual strategy will be able to give you an edge. But, playing smart by adjusting your bet to the amount you have budgeted for will ensure a win in the end.

There are 3 basic types of slots mainly Classic slots, which have a pretty basic feature in sound and graphics elements. With no more than three reels, one or three rows between one and five paylines.

Video slot, usual features are computerized graphics, as a representation of reels, powered by powerful software. With five reels and three rows between nine and a few thousand paylines

Jackpot slots, jackpot slots can either be classic or video slots. But, the difference is that players can win big if they line up a certain combination. Worth noting is that in the progressive jackpot, the jackpot steadily grows with each play.


Roulette has been around for decades and it never loses its appeal. It has found its way into online casinos, mobile and live casinos away from the traditional land-based casinos. Thereby allowing epic experiences to be recreated every time. Roulette is a French word referring to a wheel that has been set into a table. Although this game of chance may appear confusing at first, it is essentially easy and requires no skill to adapt. However, it is advisable to start betting small and double you stake until you win. This is the Martingale strategy employed by all Roulette lovers.

Types of Roulettes

There are only two known types of Roulettes, the European and the American Roulette.

European or French Roulette’s main feature is the wheel that has 37 pockets, numbering 1-36 and green which is Zero 0).

American roulette, on the other hand, has a wheel that is numbered sequentially from 1-36 pockets with an additional (00) and the usual zero (0). Any result of Zero (0) is a win for the house, consequently, the American Roulette is slightly harder to win. However, many online casinos are offering this game with varying styles; rule sets and special editions making it still the most sort-after game on all platforms.


Blackjack is obviously a casino classic but on the online platform, a little knowledge will go a long way in ensuring a win. Blackjack, also popularly known as 21 is a card game between players and dealers. The aim is to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust, in the end, the closest score wins. But, you can ask for more cards or (Hit) to get closer to the target, you can also ‘Stand’ and hope that the current total is enough to get you a win. In all the scenarios, the difficulty lies in knowing which risk you are taking.

Types of Blackjacks

Double exposure Blackjacks, where the dealer’s first two cards are facing up. The Blackjack pays even money and the player loses or it’s a tie.

Spanish 21, this is an approach that lets the player double down any number of cards and surrender. In this case 21s always wins but, on the other hand, there are no 10s reducing the winning chances.

21 century, this is the Vegas-style whereby the player cannot automatically lose but can keep pushing if the dealer goes bust.

Multiple action blackjack, 2 or 3 bets are played on a single hand allowing multiple bets to play at once.


Poker has a following numbering into millions worldwide because it allows you to win and win big.

The attraction lies in the thrill it represents while combining nerves, skills, and luck to beat your opponents. However online casinos, have invented a one-on-one setup where a player only competes with a dealer instead of playing live.  Five random cards are dealt with the player, some cards combinations are ranked so that players rival each other depending on the better hand.

That being said, to play poker it comes down

  • knowing your next move
  • knowing when to fold
  • knowing when to call if a bluff



Bingo is a game of probability where random generators are used with an online caller announcing the number featured on a player’s ticket. The number is then marked off with the aim of winning the prize.

Types of bingo

90- Ball bingo, this features the 90 balls bingo and it has three prizes on offer plus a jackpot

75- Ball bingo, the game player aims at matching numbers on their bingo tickets to the number on the game.

Virtual reality games

Virtual reality games and machines have revolutionized gambling and are taunted to be the future of online casino. Virtual reality involves the use of special display and technology to create authentic virtual space that a player can easily view from all angles.

As we speak, literally all online games are competing to get on the virtual reality platform. Video slot machines have replaced spinning wheels in virtual space.  Even poker has not been left behind where players receive randomly generated cards hold, or draw to improve payout. With the entry of virtual cryptocurrencies, there is no limit to what is possible with this new reality.


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