Types of Online Baccarat games and How to Play

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Online Baccarat games

In 2023, there are many types of online Baccarat games that you can try out. Out of all the casino games available for online play, Baccarat comes with some of the most distinctive types.

Rules are somewhat similar regarding the main point of the game, but there are also many differences. If you wish to hedge the game and take advantage of all the available online Baccarat types, keep reading.

We will try to explain the different Baccarat types and give you key points of winning in every distinctive type! The most popular software provider for this kind of games is Ezugi.

Different Kinds of Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat is one of the most exciting live-dealing games you can play on casino sites. Until recently, the choice of available online Baccarat types was insufficient. With the introduction of superb game variants to the market, players got more options.

Online Baccarat can be found in several variations, out of which these are the most popular ones:

  • Standard Baccarat
  • Chemin De Fer
  • Baccarat Super Six
  • Baccarat EZ

Standard Baccarat is also referred to as Punto Banco and is the most frequent type of Baccarat found online. Most of the online casinos in NZ offer this type of game in their live casino selections.

Nevertheless, it also depends on the game provider and the choice of side bets. We will do our best to bring you the main details of all the mentioned Baccarat types to get you going on the game. Also, it’s perhaps a good idea to point out the gameplay of various online Baccarat types.

How different Baccarat variants are played?

For a long time, there was only one version of online Baccarat available on NZ casinos. The Punto Banco game version makes it easy for the players to get to know the game. Luckily, in a previous couple of years, live casino game providers released other quality versions.

As an online player, you have to be familiar with some essential online Baccarat rules. In most games, the goal is to achieve the point value of 8 or 9 to win. Preferably, getting a 9 in the first draw guarantees you at least get the stake back.

While there are realistic chances of both you and the dealer hitting 9 in the first draw, it’s very rare in practice. The player gets the first card and afterward, the dealer proceeds with the dealer’s draw.

High-value cards like 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings count as zero points in Baccarat. Getting an ace will give you a point value of 1, while values for other cards from 2 to 9 remain the same.

Still, although it sounds simple at first, many Baccarat variants differ in rules. For instance, the dealer drawing and player drawing rules differ for distinctive Baccarat types.

To help you reach complete knowledge of the game and the rules of different types of Baccarat, we will now go over the specific variants.

How to Play the Standard Baccarat?

The rules of the Punto Banco game are as mentioned before for a regular type of Baccarat game. However, there are additional rules for the dealer drawing and player drawing.

When it comes to the player drawing rule in this type of Baccarat, the player draws another card for a point value of 5 or lower. If the value of drawn cards is 6 or 7, the player will stand. Still, there is a more complex set of rules for the dealer drawing.

Namely, the dealer will initially draw the second card if the player draws the second card. Also, there is the value condition that enables the dealer to draw another card if the value of an existing hand is 5 or less.

When the third card comes in place for the player, the dealer drawing rules change:

  • If the point value of the dealer’s hand is 3 or lower
  • If the value of the dealer’s hand is 4 and the player drawn 2-7 as the third card
  • If the player’s third card is in the range of 4 to 7, the dealer draws with the value of 5
  • If the value of player’s third card is 6 or 7

What’s different for Baccarat EZ?

EZ Baccarat is a unique variant of the game that’s not available in all online casinos. Still, if you have access to sites with valuable providers of live casino software, you can encounter this game.

There is no commission of 5% as a standard rate on bets on the dealer to win. This makes the payout on such bet even, or 1 to 1. Another difference is that there are two side bets available in this game.

You can place bets on a side bet for the dealer to get the value of 8 on three cards. Another side bet involves a similar scenario, only for the player to have a value of 8 with 3 cards drawn.

How to Play Chemin De Fer?

Rules of the exotic variant of Baccarat referred to as Chemin De Fer is completely different. One of the players is chosen as the banker and others place their bets.

If the banker wins, all the bets from the players are taken, while in the opposite scenario, the players take the banker’s bet. This game variant is extremely popular in France and can rarely be found on online casinos.

Rules of the Baccarat Super 6

All the payouts of the Baccarat Super 6 are even, making the game convenient for online play. Still, even without commission, the game includes a specific rule for the dealer winning with a 6.

In this case, the payout is halved and players should watch out for this scenario. Other than that, all the remaining rules are the same as in Punto Banco.

Baccarat Super 6 can be found with numerous title variants, including the Punto 2000 Baccarat.


Although there just several types of online Baccarat, players still have a quality choice. All the games are extremely exciting for play and Punto Banco makes the most popular variant.

Hopefully, now you have a better perspective of the best types of online Baccarat, so you can make the best choice.