What Is The Difference Between Class III and Class II Games?

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The slot world is a really big and wonderful place, and that is why everyone loves it.

The slots really can make you win the jackpot, and on top of that, they are easy and manageable to play.

As we all know, the casino should be fun, not tiring.

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And with the slot games, you definitely will feel as if you’re on top of the world.

But behind all of these colors and sound effects, there are the slot classes.

And no one is aware of and yet everyone should be.

What is the meaning behind all of this?

Let’s find out! 

Class III Games and How to Recognize Them

Basically, there are two classes of casino slots that you need to know about.

And the casino world is big and sometimes confusing and mixed up.

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These are the guides that you need in order not to lose yourself.

We will start with the more simple one (trust me, it’s not that hard to understand and learn to recognize between those two).

The III class uses a system that we may know (or may, its nothing to be ashamed of) as an RNG system.

This is a shortcut for Random Number Generator.

The RNG is commonly used in the classic games that we all now.

For example, those games are roulette, slots, blackjack.

The Class II is also commonly known as β€˜the Vegas type of gambling’.

Its the basic one that everyone has come face to face with.

This is why is specifically said that it’s much more simple and easier to understand.

Well, at least rather than the other one that we will talk about.

Meanwhile, the RNG-based games are the ones that are designed to pay a certain percentage back of what it takes and its score is completely random.

The video poker is a classic example and many other games that I have already mentioned. 

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What About Class II Games?

The completely opposite of Class III is Class III.

The more complex and harder-to-understand brother is here to stay (and be explained so you won’t be confused anymore).

This class specifically excludes the electronic versions of what we call β€˜casino games’ these days.

This class doesn’t quite work with RNG, and the games that belong to this category are specifically slot-and-video free.

For example, bingo games are an example of what we can safely call a Class II game.

It’s completely electronic and computer-free, and of course, it doesn’t need RNG in order to function.

The system of the game controls the game just fine.

Even though the modern games of today can’t be imagined without a programmed system designed to control the whole concept, Class II is here to prove otherwise.


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