Wonky Wabbits Pokie Review

Wonky wabbits pokie free spins bonus review

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Tonnes of fun with Wonky Wabbits Slot.
At first glance, someone might think, “wow, this game looks like so much fun”. Well, It is! Players will love playing Wonky Wabbit Slot! If they based this on the free spins and each bonus they get alone; they will be hooked after their first spin.

When players start out, they are given a choice between a level bet from one to ten. Each level increases the amount of their bet by 30. Keep in mind, the more they bet, the bigger their bonus will be. Once they’ve chosen a bet level, they can move over to the coin value. Here they’ll be able to choose from .01 all the way up to .50. With each click of the button always raising their chances of winning more and let’s not forget each time they spin, they increase their odds of winning free spins!

At the bottom centre of the screen, they have the conveniently located spin button. They’ll be able to tell by the arrows formed in a circular motion around the button. From there they will move onto the reels or columns of pictures determining their payout. This slot machine is given a fun design with the look of stitched burlap sack letters and vegetables. They just shouldn’t play if they’re hungry, they might find themselves making a fresh salad!

Wonky Wabbits pokie bonus free spins

The background of the screen is a fun mountain landscape, full of green trees and lush pastures. All of the backgrounds are drawn with the burlap design, which gives the game a nice cohesive feel. In the foreground, they have fun and crazy animals like rabbits and birds fluttering across the screen. While playing, the player will feel like this adds a bit of fun to the experience.

Another great feature this slot has is the ability for players to scan the symbols to see what the different winning denominations are. With the click of players mouse over any of the symbols, the slot will show them how much each is worth depending on the bet they made. Based on the information given a little earlier here’s an example. If a player were to bet at a level 5, which equals 150 with a coin value of 0.01 and got three like symbols across the screen you would win 50. If they were to click on each of the winning symbols the player would see that each one is worth 25.

One more thing you might get the chance to see if your lucky on that day is the wild card. You’ll know which it is by the purple symbol with the yellow word wild written on it. This symbol is one that everyone should hope for. This symbol not only gives you whatever symbol you need in a specific spot to win, but it also makes the game so much more fun and exciting. Think about your screen, your first column stops, A. Your second column ends, A. Your third column stops, A. Your fourth column stops, A. As your fifth and final column is slowing down and about to stop you realize there’s no A coming, then suddenly a WILD slides down into the spot you needed an A in!

This slot game is like Vegas without the lines and smoky rooms, its fun from the comfort of your home. How many times have you walked through a casino floor with your pyjamas on and your bed head a mess? Ok, some of you may be able to answer that question with a yes. Well, with Wonky Wabbits now none of you will have to worry about how you look to have fun in the slots. Now you get to have all the fun of a big casino slot machine right in your living room.

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