Best Online Casino Bonuses

Gamblers have shifted their focus over the years to online casinos rather than going through the hassle to visit a brick-and-mortar establishment. Players are encouraged to stay at home in their pajamas while eliminating the anxiety and stress of sitting in a crowded casino. Although there is an obvious lack of ambiance when the bright lights and sounds of a casino are removed from the equation, the online casinos are able to offer valuable incentives. Aside from loyalty programs, most real casinos aren’t going to reward new players just for joining or bringing a friend along.

Rank Casino Bonus Review Visit
1 NZD 750 Welcome Bonus Review Play Now
2 $1000 Bonus +200 Free Spins Review Play Now
3 $1000 Bonus +200 Free Spins Review Play Now
4 $1000 over 3 deposits Review Play Now
5 $150 Bonus + 50 Free Spins Review Play Now
6 20 free spins (no dep) + 180 free spins + $1000 Bonus Review Play Now
7 $1600 over 4 deposits Review Play Now
8 $1000 + 100 Free Spins Review Play Now
9 $500 Bonus + 100 Free Spins Review Play Now
10 20 no deposit free spins Review Play Now
11 100% bonus up to $50 Review Play Now
12 $400 Bonus +200 Free Spins Review Play Now
13 up tp $1400 + 80 FREE SPINS Review Play Now
14 20 Free Spins No Deposit Required! Review Play Now

Online Casino Bonus

Player rewards are the major draw when it comes to online casinos because they understand that they’re competing with real casinos and other online establishments. A combination of user reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and personal research will reveal the best sites offering the best player incentives. It’s important to look at the welcome bonus for joining, as well as loyalty programs that give people a reason to stick around. Deciding which bonus types are going to be the most profitable truly depends on the individual player and the time and money they intend to devote to the games. Pay attention to UK casinos that offer free plays or a trial period because it offers a unique advantage of learning different games without any financial risk.

Free Play Casino Bonus

Increased activity on a new or promote game is usually achieved with free plays given to site members. It may sound similar to the no deposit reward, but the free plays are typically ineligible for any real reward. Casinos find that players are more likely to go back to the promotional games with real money once they become better acquainted with the rules. Winning with free plays is more than likely ineligible for withdrawal unless specified by the casino running the promotion.

Sticky Bonus

True gamblers are exhilarated at the thought of winning a hand of poker or getting lucky on the slots. The real reason that most people start playing these games is to have fun, and a sticky bonus is provided for that purpose. It’s a bit of an unusual incentive because the virtual money never leaves the casino, regardless of how much is won using the sticky bonus. Players can’t withdraw this bonus money, but they increase their chances of winning with their own money by practicing games and learning betting strategies. A sticky bonus typically disappears from an account once the first withdrawal is made, but it’s best to look into the rules at a particular casino to fully understand the stipulations of the promotion.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Valuable and immediate rewards are provided to players that invite an active friend that makes at least one deposit. Online casinos in the UK are very competitive, and they reward referrals with a percentage bonus or flat reward. Sites that offer a percentage determine the bonus on the amount the referred user adds into their own account, and they usually match it around 20%. The flat reward often provides an amount from £50 to £100 up to 10 active referrals.

Loyalty Bonus

The temptation of collecting multiple welcome bonuses can make it tough to settle on one main casino. Most reputable sites outline a tiered loyalty program that provides an incentive to their active players and high-rollers. New users would join at the lowest level, with the opportunity to move up through tiers that enhance the rewards. As a player continues to make deposits or gains a high-roller status, they could reach a valuable VIP status that multiplies the rewards they can receive for activity. Casinos don’t always clearly provide details regarding their customer appreciation programs, but information can be found easily in online reviews. The other type of loyalty bonus is similar to real casinos that enable players to accumulate points based on wagers or plays. Once the individual has reached a specified milestone, they are eligible to redeem the bonus cash or prize offered by the casino. Although the welcome bonuses are usually the most valuable rewards, a high-stakes or daily player may be more satisfied with a good loyalty bonus.

Bonus Wager Requirements

Always read the fine print and details regarding any bonus promotions before jumping into an offer. There are usually requirements that must be met before a player can become eligible to receive or withdraw a specific bonus. Trustworthy sites provide customer support agents that can be reached in a number of different ways to clarify any wager requirements or other stipulations of a current promotion. The larger bonuses always look the most tempting, but a player might have to jump through strenuous hoops to collect one. Players are encouraged to take advantage of bonuses to add an exciting advantage to the game-play and betting.

The Biggest Bonus Isn’t Always the Best

It’s not practical to take advantage of every single bonus at one casino, nor should a player anticipate collecting large amounts of free money. Understanding the strict requirements of larger bonuses can get confusing because casinos must protect themselves against player fraud. A high stakes player is more likely to meet minimum requirements easily, yet an occasional player might fall short of actually collecting a worthwhile bonus. Rather than assume that the casino offering the biggest welcome bonus or deposit match percentage is the best, it’s highly-advised to do the research to discover obtainable rewards. The easiest way to find the right casino for an individual is to compare the bonuses with their play frequency and betting habits.

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