Alchemist’s Lab slot by Playtech – Straightforward and simple game

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If you’ve missed the shot to try the Alchemist’s Lab slot once it first hit the market, now’s your chance to play it! This quite straightforward game focuses on some earlier and happier slot times.

Alchemist’s Lab slot

The game is provided by Playtech and features the classic casino software. However, although the game comes with a rather simple slot design, it, either way, offers a variety of paying ways.

Players that are unfamiliar with the game details should keep on reading to get to know the gameplay aspects.

About the Alchemist’s Lab slot by Playtech

There’re several crucial aspects of the Alchemist’s Lab slot that are worth mentioning. Namely, the game starts with a reel configuration that will bring joy to old-school slot players.

The 3×1 single-line slot requires you to fill the symbol spots with 3 consecutive matching symbols. To win even bigger prizes, players can also be on the lookout for the bonus round with additional potential.

Either way, let’s discuss the game layout first. The Alchemist’s Lab slot comes with a plain but exciting main screen that fits the single reel of the game symbols together with the paytable.

Players can spot a variety of symbols involved in the game and it takes 3 symbols to make the winning hit. The Alchemist’s Lab slot includes rather simple graphics with just enough appeal to make the entire game interesting.

The Alchemist’s Lab slot is a perfect discovery for old-school players because of the game’s simplicity. Symbols involved are potions of different colors, rings, coins, and books.

Each of these symbols features unique game aspects. The Alchemist’s Lab slot is among the classic online slots provided by Playtech and players that try it will surely love it.

Gameplay and winning possibilities

When it comes to the gameplay of the Alchemist’s Lab slot, it’s quite easy to understand and follow. Mainly, the grid provides room for a single sequence of 3 slot symbols.

To win, players will have to land three matching symbols or two golden coin symbols. Even the single golden coin can result in a payout.

However, the coins are the most valuable symbols in the game, resulting in this feature. All the other symbols require players to land a full line to result in a payout.

The red potions follow up the gold coins as the second most valuable symbol in the game. The green and blue potions are slightly below the payout value, while the least awarding symbols are the rings.

Either way, there’s one more way in the Alchemist’s Lab slot to make wins than landing line hits. The book symbols are also part of the game and they grant players entry to the bonus round.

Once three consecutive book symbols land, players enter the picking bonus round. Later on, players are faced with a variety of picking options and just 3 picks.

The three picks will award the total prize of the bonus round. Ultimately, the Alchemist’s Lab slot makes a perfect addition to the classic collection of online slots.