The Best Asian Casino Games

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The Asian culture is very popular on a global level and everyone enjoys it.

It’s got it all; the food is great, the traditional clothes are mesmerizing and their history is amazing.

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I mean, after all, they are ancient people who have been around here since forever.

Some historians even say that the first version of poker in the past was invented by them.

So, they have a lot to do with the online casino and luck-based games as well.

There is a huge palette of casino games that everyone can enjoy in.

There is something for everyone and that’s why we present to you the most popular Asian games of all time. 


Interesting right? Well, it’s no surprise because baccarat is mostly a luck-based game and there is no strategy here.

It’s only fate. And believe me, the Asians certainly believe in fate.

This game is popular all around the world as well, and you can find it in the live and the online casinos as well.

There is no casino lover that hasn’t heard of this game.

It’s a really simple game played on a casino table with casino cards and there are a couple of versions of this game; mini-baccarat, Macao and Baccarat Banque as well. 

a dealer in casino setting the casino table for baccarat

Sic Bo

This game is very popular as well.

You can find it in many famous casinos around the world and it’s played with 3 six-sided dices.

Many people say that this game is a mixture of craps and roulette and it’s a fast-paced game.

Its played on a special sic bo table and there are many combinations which can be won with the dices.

In conclusion, the key is to win the bets that are the most valuable. You can place as many of them as you want, just like in roulette. 

online version of sic bo table

Fan Tan

It’s a simple game that you can play anywhere. All you will need is a wand, a cup, and many buttons.

This game is pretty simple to play; the players place a bet on how many buttons will be in the cup and then the dealer puts the cup over the buttons.

When this phase is over, the cup is removed by the dealer and he counts how many buttons are there while using the wand.

It’s game based on a stroke of pure luck and you can’t do any strategies or plan a cheat when playing.

But, if you play this game in a casino, then the casino has the right to take 5% of every won bet because that’s just how the game goes. It’s an ancient rule.

a couple of young men playing fan tan in acient asia, circled around a table

These are some of the many Asian casino games.

The palette is huge and there is something for everyone, no matter if you love the casino or not.

The Asian casinos are a must-see experience you have to taste in order to have fun and rush of adrenaline. They are guaranteed, for sure.

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