Gambling Superstitions

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Do you consider yourself a superstitious person?

Whether you admit it or not, you have certainly performed such an act at least once.

Even if you don’t believe in superstitions, you know someone who does.

Gambling superstitions are spread all over the world.

People from different cultures nurture various beliefs, especially for games in land-based casinos.

Anyhow, superstitions take place in online gambling as well.

In the following list, we have included the most famous casino superstitions.

We have searched for beliefs from different parts of the globe.

Thus, some explanations might seem unrealistic to you.

Red as a Lucky Gambling Color

Coming from Asia, this is one of the most famous gambling superstitions.

Even if you don’t gamble, you have heard the saying β€˜When in Doubt, Wear Red’.

People from China consider red as a color of good luck and prosperity.

That’s why they tend to wear a red piece of clothing, such as red underwear, shoes, or trousers.

There are even some casinos in Macau that have red rooms for increasing the player’s winning potential.

red dices on a green table

The Front Door of the Casino

The superstition dates back from the time when the MGM Grand Casino entrance was an actual jaw of an enormous lion.

Apart from being scare, a lot of people considered it as superstitious as well.

Times have changed, but some people still prefer the side entrance of the casino.

The front entrance is believed to bring bad luck and therefore can result in loss of money.

Crossing Fingers

Crossed fingers are another superstition from our daily lives that is famous in the gambling world as well.

No matter what game or if they are playing online or offline, superstitious gamblers believe that crossing fingers will help them score a win.

Crossing Legs

Contrary to crossing fingers, crossing legs is considered a bad fortune.

More exactly, superstitious gamblers who cross their legs suppose that they have canceled on their chances of winning.

Pregnant Women

People from the Philippines consider pregnant women as good fortune for gambling.

Thus, they rub a pregnant woman’s belly to drive away from the bad energy at the casino.

Table Games and Counting Money

A lot of gamblers playing games such as poker or blackjack skip counting their money on the table.

They consider it bad luck. Another reason why gamblers don’t instantly count their money is that they consider it unprofessional or rude.

Lucky vs. Unlucky Numbers

Maybe one of the most widespread superstitions is one of the lucky numbers.

Most gamblers from all over the world base their choices on what they consider good and bad numbers.

Number 13

With no doubt, we can say that the number 13 is considered as the most unlucky number, especially in Western culture.

It is believed that this superstition dates back to the Last Supper when Jesus Christ was betrayed.

On one hand, the number 13 has been avoided in all gambling games.

People playing roulette are especially careful when it comes to this superstition.


But on the other hand, Asian people consider the number 13 as one of their symbols of good luck.

So, instead of staying away from it, they promote it for good fortune.

Number 7

Globally, the number 7 is considered the luckiest number there is.

It is associated with prosperity, good fortune, and enjoyment.

The number 7 is beloved in all games, but particularly in blackjack and online slots.

However, in Australia, it is bad luck to say β€˜seven’ out loud when you are playing craps.

Superstitious gamblers around you may understand this offensively and even come back at you.

Number 4

In Japan, the word β€˜four’ sounds exactly like the word β€˜death’.

That’s why gamblers consider it as bad luck and avoid it while gambling.


To conclude, there are numerous gambling myths and beliefs that manifest in different forms.

Players get attached to different routines, physical objects, or lucky charms.

After all, everything is fine in gambling, just as long as you are having fun.