Gamification and Online Casinos

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All casinos offer a variety of games, bonus features, and winning opportunities.

So, as a player, you can decide to switch from one casino to another.

This especially applies to online casinos.

Due to this reason, casinos must find a way to keep their clients.

Ultimately, it is easy to attract new customers.

But it is much harder to keep them as loyal players on your slots.

This is where gamification takes place.

Gamification refers to the casino’s marketing strategy or the way they encourage your engagement with their services.

This is how casinos diversify from one another.

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It all comes down to the benefits with which they motivate players to come back.

In continuance, you can find the most common types of gamification.

Loyalty Points

Like many other niches, casinos also use loyalty points.

The main idea of the loyalty points is to offer more perks to customers that are regular in the casino.

Maybe you haven’t been to a casino with loyalty points.

Even so, you have been introduced to this methodology in the supermarket or the cinema.

Thus, if you spend more time or money in the casino, you will enjoy more benefits.

Each casino decides what they are going to offer in return.

Certain casinos provide free spins or cash rewards.

Others arrange VIP treatment for their loyal customers.

There are no limitations to the loyalty point’s awards.

So, if you tend to spend your funds at a particular casino, you may as well review what you will get in return.


Another marketing strategy related to gathering points in the leaderboard.

To be more specific, players acquire points when they are playing games.

For example, if you are playing the slots, you will move higher up the leaderboard with each round.

It is both motivational and rewarding to see your name on the top of the board.

Numerous casinos offer treats for the most successful, or first-placed clients.

As with loyalty points, the managing team decides upon the type and size of the casinos’ rewards.

Missions and Goals

As mentioned before, casinos have the liberty to invent their gamification strategies.

That’s what makes the missions as visionary and popular as they are.

Each casino can come up with their mission for their clients.

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Furthermore, they may divide the mission into several stages and grant awards on each separate milestone.

The players who achieve the overall goal or complete the mission will get the best treats and rewards.

This gamification strategy is the most beneficial to casinos.

It’s because they can promote whichever games are played the least.

More specifically, they can shape the behavior of their clients and simultaneously increase their loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Gamification is a diversified marketing strategy that may take various forms.

It is widely used in online casinos, as well as land-based and mobile versions.

In the end, it all comes down to the creativity of the casino’s team.

Their goal is to come up with a superior gamification system that exceeds the regular promotions and bonuses.

As a player, you should research what different casinos offer to choose the most favorable, player-friendly one.