Interesting Facts About History of Casinos

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Ever since the world has excited, the casino has been popular all around the globe.

People used to gamble a lot and they really liked it.

As a matter of fact, they gambled for all kinds of stuff; money, gold, food, and animals.

Literally everything that you can possibly think of.

The modern betting is a little more than taht, but people enjoy it anyway.

With the technology upgrading on a daily basis, there are all kinds of electronic machines, tables, and whatnot in order to keep you entertained.

And, because of that, the casino rooms are full on a daily basis.

After all, can you really blame them?

baccarat table

And these few casino facts about the history of it will make you love it even more. 

The Oldest Casino Game is Baccarat

To many people, this may come as a real surprise.


Because poker is seen as the most popular and classic casino game.

And by that, the baccarat falls into its shade.

But, it’s a great game regardless and it is the oldest one as well.

In the 1400s, this game was first mentioned and the rest of it is history. 

Ancient Rome Forbid Gambling of Any Kind

Even though today, they are known for their love of gambling and casino, this wasn’t always the case.

In ancient times, ancient Romans weren’t allowed to gamble and the fines were big for those who got caught.

No one knows the real reason as to why this was the case, but the law wasn’t merciful to anyone. 

The First Slot Machine Was Invented in 1887

Have you ever heard of Charles Fell?

He was the guy who invented the first slot machine.

Yes, exactly the ones that stand in every casino room in the world today.

In 1887, a machine by the name of Liberty Bell was introduced to the world by Fell’s basement.

And the rest is very popular and loved by every casino liver around the globe. 

the first slot machine

The Playing Cards Were Invented in the 9th Century

Even though no one could even think that playing cards originated in China, it’s actually very true.

The ancient Chinese people loved gambling and luck-based games.

And because of that, all kinds of tools like playing cards were more than welcome.

Usually, the richest of people were known to gamble, but that didn’t stop the other lower classes from gambling as well.

And that’s why Macau as a Chinese city, is the gambling capital of the world! 

These are some of the many interesting historical facts that casino history has to offer.

And because of that, the gambling world has become so popular.

And it doesn’t stop there.

The popularity keeps growing with each day, and more and more people are loving it.