Paysafecard the Safer Online Payment Method for Casinos

June 11, 2019 Posted in News, Payment by No Comments

Online gamblers finally have an easy way to fund their online gambling accounts that offers excellent benefits as well as safety and security. Paysafecard is the free, safe, and secure way to fill online gambling accounts without ever having to put any credit card information in harm’s way.

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Paysafecards can be reloaded with cash at convenience stores, markets, gas stations, and other retailers across New Zealand and around the world. Then use it to fill up any online gambling accounts. Use the Paysafecard app to search for a local retailer and check back often as new locations are being added all the time. Gamblers can now play online with peace of mind knowing that their money and their credit card information is safe. 

Paysafecard keeps money safe by bypassing the need to enter credit card information online. The company uses specific security measures that make it impossible for hackers to hack into a Paysafecard and take or add to funds. It is also protected by a PIN which users will need to transfer funds from the card into online gaming accounts. The PIN protects the card from being used by anyone without the owner’s consent. Customers should never give out a Paysafecard number or PIN code through email, phone, text, or online message. If the PIN number becomes compromised, the owner can lock the PIN on the Paysafecard website. This lock will make the card unusable, and a refund will go to the person who purchased the card. 

Also, there are no government agencies anywhere that will accept Paysafecard as payment for fines, late fees, or any other governmental transaction. If there is a question as to whether or not a request is legit, contact Paysafecard before proceeding. The safety of their customers is important to them. 

Paysafecard is an inexpensive way to protect one’s identity. It is free to reload a Paysafe card and to make online purchases. As long as the money is used within one year, there are no annual fees or charges. Sending money in the same currency used to purchase it is also free. There is a small 2% fee if transferring to a different currency and a small flat fee if funds remain on the card for more than one year from their purchase date. This practically free card not only keeps online users safe but does so without any hidden or not-so-hidden fees. 

Using a Paysafe card is easy and shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who has used any type of credit card online before. Customers start by creating an online account at the Paysafecard website. Then purchase a card at one of the authorized retailers that can be found by searching on the website or app, then input the 16 digit card code into the online Paysafecard account created before the card was purchased. Select the Paysafecard option at a favorite online game and deposit as much or as little money as is needed. With instant deposits, gamblers are in the game right away!

Paysafecard is accepted at almost all of New Zealand’s best online casinos and deposits made into online accounts are instantly available. There is no more waiting for funds to deposit before being able to join in the fun. Instant access, low fees, an easy to use the app and the security of never having to enter credit card information online makes Paysafecard the best bet for online gamblers.