The Most Unusual Casino Games

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The casino world is a really big place that has all kinds of secrets and unknown games.

That’s a fact.

Everyone knows that.

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It has all sorts of things that you wouldn’t even consider, but yep, here they are.

And because it’s one big cocktail of games and superstitions from all over the world, naturally, there are some strange and not-so-popular games that are actually worth our time.

Or are they?

Let’s find out? 


This game is among the popular ones on this list, but it surely can’t be among the poker and roulette.

War is a very simple game that even little kids can play it.

I know I have played it when I was a kid.

All you need for this one is playing cards.

It’s a simple table game where once the players make a bet, they are dealt one card.

Whatever card is higher, it wins.

You really can’t confuse this one.

Of course, there are multiple versions of this game and everyone is playing it differently; this is the easy version! 

war casino game

Belgium Birdsong

This game is a little bit more brutal than you normally would expect, but it still is written in history.

The Belgium Bridson requires bird as the main part of the game, as the name itself is telling you.

There are players that will bet based on the birds in front of them.

The bet is placed on whatever bird will sing the loudest and the longest.

When the bets are placed, the birds are required to sing.

And naturally, whatever bird is the loudest, it will win.

Or at least the player that bet on it will.

Not human and not very frequent nowadays, but it sure made history in the past. 

Rodent Roulette 

This one is connected to an animal when it comes to the betting as the previous one.

Only, in this game, a rat is required instead of birds.

The game starts with a roulette wheel, only instead of the classic white ball, you place the rat.

It’s in a box and when all of the bets are placed, the rat is let out of the box.

Now, the lucky numbers are whatever the rat chooses.

The one it steps on is the winner.

Many people are seeing this as brutal and inhuman but our ancestors just didn’t care.

They kept on playing this game.

And they still are, in some parts of the world. 

rodent roulette casino game

As I previously mentioned, the casino world is full of mysteries and all linds of unusual things come with it.

These games are only a small part of the big sea of different casino games.

There are many more, and they are still on in some parts fo the world.


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