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Casino Heroes bases its platform from a background story or information that is visualized in a world full of magic; the society is called the Hero Islands.

About Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes bases its platform from a background story or information that is visualized in a world full of magic; the society in question is called the Hero Islands. There is a total number of forty regions located all over the island; these forty designated areas are a representation of the forty levels that are played in the game. This implies one has to pass through every level, meaning every region, to complete his or her quest and the game.The story of Casino Heroes, every game usually must have a unique story, is based on a battle or war between the good or righteous and the bad or evil on the island. In the story, the righteous are ten heroic figures, and the evil is bosses who protect a stolen artifact. The ten heroes are the avatar characters with which the player can choose from. The avatars will have to fight every boss in their quest to retrieve the artifact. The character or avatar chosen will be used to play throughout the game until the end. The stolen object is a golden crown that was confiscated by the dragon called Betser.


The dragon Betser is however hidden in a secluded area called the Treasure Mountain. The road or path towards reaching the mountain is filled with a lot of barriers as well as challenges. These challenges are inclusive of the battles between the bosses and the chosen avatars. In each level passed or task that is completed or achieved a reward is given to the avatar which will be helpful in the long-term mission of retrieving the golden crown. The awards can also be of help throughout the gameplay. To finally meet the dragon Betser and have a face-off battle, the avatar chosen by the player is required to finish every mission and beat every boss that hinders the completion of the primary task.

The primary mission is to win the battle between the avatar and the dragon and thus secure the golden crown; which is a difficult task as the main boss in every game is usually the toughest to beat. After successfully winning and defending the crown the avatar will return to the citizens of the Saga Islands where the golden crown belongs. The avatar will thus have helped them in a way to live happily ever after as all the evil in the island has been defeated and won. The defeat of dragon Betser will be acknowledged or rewarded with a huge win.

When you visit

Casino Heroes is the first casino game that has genuinely incorporated and enhanced the critical elements of the game such as the points to be scored as well as the rules of the game and also the competition against other players. It has also enhanced the storyline in a manner that the player feels part of the world and is truly engrossed in the storyline. All these factors improve the experience as well as the enthusiasm of the player. The platform powering Casino Heroes is Hero Gaming which shows you the support personnel making the game.

The players who involve themselves in the game usually don’t just become a mere player but also becomes a hero as he or she sets out to complete the given mission or tasks. After the avatar selection is complete, the player starts by playing favorite casino games throughout the region in the map. Winning a boss after completing all tasks in an area gives the player the treasures that were owned by the boss thus continue with the path. Losing, however, will return the player to a previously saved stage of the game. During the gameplay, the player might collect certain rubies which can be used to do free spins.

Bonus and promotion

The rewards given to the game include accolades such as trophies for every boss beaten or bonuses for every completed task. Other awards also include free spins that can provide the player other grand prizes. All these rewards can also be shared in the player’s online platform like Facebook or Twitter; this is having registered the required credentials to the game. Apart from sharing the prizes, the players can also become friends with other players in the quest to get the golden crown. The game collections found in Casino Heroes include roulettes, slots as well as blackjacks and video poker games among others.

The promotions offered are various and suitable for the needs of the player. One such advertising is the welcome offer that lets the player choose between free spins or bonus with the proposal. The offer entails a maximum of one hundred euros in bonuses as well as 50 free spins; or a total of three hundred and seventy-five free spins. The rewards are given over a period of two deposits by the player. Another promotion is the Pirates Charm Deposit Offer that lets the player get twenty rubies with ten free spins. This reward will be given after depositing ten euros. The last promotion is the Gonzo’s Quest Deposit Offer that offers ten free spins with 20 rubies for a ten euro deposit.

In the Mobile

Casino Heroes have started a casino package to the mobile market. Players from the United Kingdom, Ireland as well as Finland and Sweden can enjoy the game from their mobile devices. The mobile game is in every way similar to the gaming platform of the desktop. The game has been developed as an in-house thus making it a unique app as compared to other games. Casino Heroes has over two hundred and fifty thousand mobile users who have registered accounts in the game.

The mobile platform has the same storyline, and same rules as the player create the avatar he or she wants and fight the bosses as well as the dragon to get the golden crown. The casino adventure is usually optional when the player wants to go directly to the table game as well as the free slot. Various mobile slots can be played. Some include Gonzo’s Quest as well as the Book of Dead. Mega Fortune and Diving fortune are also among the played mobile slots. Other mobile slots include Finn and the Swirly Spin as well as Immortal Romance and Jungle Jim.

It is also prudent to note that the mobile gamers can claim their free No Deposit Bonus which is an essential aspect of the online casino gaming.


Casino heroes offer a variety of games under different criteria. The first criterion is under the Casino Lobby which has multiple numbers of games. They include Pirates charm as well as Gonzo’s Quest or the Book of Dead. Another criterion is called the Slots game which has a varied number of games as well. They include StarBurst as well as Vikings Go Berzerk and the Sweet Alchemy. Jackpot games is another kind of game criterion offered. Some of the games offered include the Hall of Gods, Ozwin’s Jackpots as well as Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune. Under the Roulette, the games offered are the French Roulette as well as Live Roulette and Lightning roulette. Under Blackjack which is another criterion, there are a lot of games provided such as the Blackjack Multi-hand and the Blackjack professional series. Another approach includes the table games such as the oasis poker or the money wheel. The last is the video poker and the live casino.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Casino Heroes has some regulations entailing deposits. The deposits made should be in euros and if the player deposits in another currency the game will first convert before depositing the amount. Another method is the E-PRO payment method that is provided by EMP Corporation. This is an E-money agent for the users paying through online money. This is through E-money or an E-wallet. It should be known the minimum deposit is ten euros.

Available withdrawal options are clearly outlined in the websites which also differ with the location of the player. The withdrawals are made to the declared bank account of the player as well as any other stated method of removal that is outlined on the website. The amount of money withdrawn will also be related to the days it will take to be withdrawn. The company also has the option of paying in installments in the case of a high-value withdrawal such as twenty thousand euros or more.

Getting Help

There are various aspects within which Casino Heroes can offer help. One of these aspects includes the account of the player which has multiple issues like a forgotten password as well as the option of changing the password or how to verify the account. Another aspect is the payments sector where every issue pertaining payment methods are discussed to help the player. The next is under adventure where added information is given towards the plot of the game. The following is under bonus where the game discusses how bonuses are got and used. Other aspects include the technical issues as well as the option of using the mobile application. Lastly, there is the licensing and security matter and the responsible gaming which is also aspects.

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