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NZ$150 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

Loki is popular and mobile friendly casino! Loki Casino is a place that works out of New Zealand where they want to give people the very best results from all their gaming.

About Loki Casino

Loki Casino is a place that is made in the image of the great trickster god that players would love to have at their table just because he would have been so much fun. The Loki Casino is a place that works out of New Zealand where they want to give people the very best results from all their gaming. This site alone is responsible for giving people a chance to make money online, and it has a lovely layout that makes it easy for people to enjoy the feeling of being on the site.

The Loki Casino team works out of New Zealand, and they have partners all over the gaming world. They have come up with many partnerships that have produced great games for the casino, and they also have games that are exclusive to their site. They have brought in some incredible games that people are already familiar with, and they have very good customer service.

The Loki Casino vibe is one of fun and flair. The person who wants to win money on this casino has a better chance to make money because they can combine the customer care and the background of the site into an experience that will be fun for everyone. Most people come to this site because they want to see something exciting, and they will be interested in continuing to play because they feel welcome.

Loki Casino’s Homepage

Loki Casino’s homepage is a wonderful place to be because it shows all the most popular games on the site, the featured games, and the newest games. There are some incredible characters featured on this page, and that will interest people because they want to see the characters in the games where they are featured. Players can go to the top right corner to sign in, and they can go back to the left menu where they can have a look at all the options for the casino. The casino allows people to see the games and genres that are featured, and they will have the chance to search the site with the search bar if they like.

The players can go to the bonus page, and they will have fun on the bonus page because they can get daily bonuses and seasonal bonuses. The bonuses on the site might require a bonus, and there are others that require no bonus at all. Someone who wants to get a bonus every day can truly fill up their account, and they will find that they can use the bonuses as a way to play for free while they are learning about the games.

Players can scroll all the way to the bottom so that they can see the games that are featured, and they will get to the tabs at the bottom of the page that have badges from the developers on the site, a place where players can make fair play complaints, and a place where players can send emails to the site. There is a live chat bubble, and the players can have a live conversation while they are playing. There is an FAQ page, and the players will find that they can get any bit of information that they need.


The site has a $100 bonus with 100 free spins for all players, and there are many people who will find that they can get this bonus just for signing up. This particular bonus makes it easier for people to start playing because it allows them to play for free while they learn some of these games. The players who get more bonuses will find that they can continue to play for free, and that will make it very easy for them to continue to play because they are mixing their own money with the bonuses that they have taken.

The bonuses on the site are excellent because they provide people with a chance to risk less money. The players that are taking out bonuses will notice that they can get more bonuses that will pile on top of one another, and the players who are trying to make the most money should learn how bonuses can help them.

The players have to use their bonus money before they can withdraw any of it, and the players might have to use the money on certain games. It is important for the players to read the rules for the bonuses because that will tell them what they can do with those bonuses. There are casinos that will restrict their bonuses to just slot machines, but there are some casinos that will allow people to play in table games with their bonuses.

The bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, and players must check back daily so that they can get a bonus that will be beneficial to them.

Mobile Play

The mobile site is just as easy to use as the regular site. There are many people who will find that they can go to their mobile browser on their tablet or phone, and they can play the games just as they would if they were on a regular computer. The players do not need to download one of the large apps that takes up too much space on their phone, and they can see the games rendered just as they would on the desktop, and the players can sign into their accounts to check their money.

The mobile gaming that people do requires a strong Internet connection, and they can check their account, add money to their account, and come up with things that would make it easier for them to win money. These very same players also have the option of using their mobile account while they are traveling. They can add money at any time, and they can withdraw money at any time. The players are never bound by any silly rules that are just for mobile games, and they can play with the touchscreen which might make it easier for them to win.

Game Selection

Game selection on the site is very easy to manage, and there are many people who will find that they can get the best games for their style just by taking a look at all the options that are out there. Someone who is trying to make the best possible choices for their games should use the search bar. They can find a specific game they have always wanted to play, or they could play a game that they have happened upon while searching.

The games on the site are broken down by genre, and the player can choose any genre they want if they are looking for a game with a certain feel. They can pick from the games on the site that seem to have the feel they need, and they can go into the table game parlor or slot machine parlor to find something that they need. This also means that a lot of people can pick out a game that they can win a lot of money playing because they are so comfortable.


Banking on the site is completely secure, and the player will find that they can withdraw their money quickly after they have won that money. The players that are trying to get more money into their account can use the deposit page to send in more money while they are playing a game. The players can continually do this while they are playing, and they can withdraw their money quickly so that they do not have to worry about a waiting period.

The banking on the site can be done from the mobile browser if needed, and the players can read a record of their transactions. This means that the players on the site will have a chance to read where all their money was made. They could go back to the site any time they need to pick out a new game they think will help them make money.

Customer Care

Customer care on the site is very important because it allows people to have a chance to have a real conversation with the staff. Players can click on the live chat bubble if they need to talk to someone right now, or they can send an email through the email window. The site will write back quickly, or the players will be able to make a phone call to the site if they are local to the New Zealand office.

The customer care on the site resolves all issues, and it also helps people make sure that they can get an answer if they have had glitches happen while they are playing. These players are also given contact information for the fair play commission if they have concerns about the RNG that is used. There are some people who would prefer to ask questions before they play, and that is why the customer care on the site is so helpful.

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