Poker Terms and Their Meaning – Learn every slang

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Poker Terms

If you enjoy playing poker but don’t understand all the slang words then this is one of the best casino reviews for you! We are more than happy to explain all the main terms of Poker slang and their meaning.

Of course, you have to be a bit familiar with the game to get to understand the true meaning. So, why don’t you join us as we set out to explore the Poker gameplay and terms? To avoid leaving you waiting, let’s start right away!

Basic Rules of Poker

A round of poker often includes a game like Texas Holdem for instance. It’s one of the most recognizable poker variants ever created and is enjoyed by worldwide players. The game round begins with the 2 cards dealt with each player and the 3 cards set on the middle of the table by the dealer.

Here, we encounter the first set of Poker terms – the community cards are the ones set by the dealer. On the other hand, hole cards are the starting two cards dealt with each player before the round starts.

To win the pot, which is a total game prize; players have to assemble the best 5-card combination. For this purpose, it’s best for the players to use their two cards in a combination of the 3 community cards. Still, the number of community cards increases after the two remaining draws. These draws are the ones that feature the next slang words of Poker.

The Turn, Flop, and the River

Poker also fits among the most exciting casino games to play thanks to its slang words used. So, the initial deal of the three community cards is referred to as the flop. Right after the flop, a game round takes place that is followed by the turn.

Turn is the breakout point of the game as the fourth community card comes into play. Afterward, another set of betting rounds begin. Finally, once that round is over, players get to observe the river.

These are some of the most popular Poker expressions that you will run upon. The river makes a final draw as the fifth community card is being dealt and put on the table. So, after the river, players have a total of 5 community cards at their disposal.

The best Poker hand made by those cards and the two hole cards is a winner in the round of Poker.

In-game Poker expressions

Besides the mentioned game-related terms, other terms are related to in-game options. First off, a bust means that you are put out of the play, while the fold means giving up and forfeiting the hand.

When someone says all in, it usually means that they are taking all of their money into the hand. The button is the one that holds a dealer’s button in-game, as one more of the relevant terms.

Other game-related Poker expressions include:

  • Calling station
  • Case card
  • Check
  • Early position
  • A fish
  • Grinder
  • Hit and Run
  • Late position

The calling station means the one player that always calls but never raises. Case card, on the other hand, means the last card of its rank left in the deck. By saying I check, players can ensure that no betting takes place on their turn.

The early position represents the first table that acts on the table, while the late position means the last one. A fish is a novice player to the game, and it can be related to the grinder that represents a player looking for lower payouts.

Hit and run means to hit the pot and leave the table to prevent losing the won funds.

Hand-related Terms of Poker

No matter if you play poker at land-based casinos or online casinos, the terminology remains the same. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to know the terms and expressions related to Poker hands. We’ll get you started by telling you about some of the crucial terms here.

So, let’s start with the big slick which means getting an ace and a King as the initial cards. This combination makes a perfect start to your game, while the boat means a complete house.

When it comes to poor hands, the dead man’s hand is the deal as it involves black aces and eights. Going further, we have the flush which represents a hand made out of the five cards of matching suit.

Four of a kind relates to the 4 matching cards in value, while the full house represents one of the best hands in the game. It takes 3 of a kind cards combined with two cards of matching value in decreasing order.

The kicker card includes the card of highest rank that is not used in a combination but can determine the winner. The rake stands for the cash amount taken from the pot by the organizer of the Poker game.

A straight is one of the best hands to manage in Poker and relates to 5 cards of sequential order. The royal flush is the best card in the game as it consists of the matching suit of face cards.

Being under the gun means you are the first player to play after the pre-flop round. Still, a variety of other terms is often used in a game of Poker, but in essence, these terms are the most related ones.


Finally, we’ve succeeded in bringing the general Poker terms and expressions closer to your understanding. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you won’t be so confused about the Poker terms.

Even so, it takes both skill and time to be able to use the mentioned terms in a real Poker game. Make sure that you fully understand the listed terms before getting into a round of Poker.

Perhaps practicing online can be a good way into the world of Poker games and general slang terms. Either way, the mentioned slang words will help you get your game up!