Casino License from UK Gambling Commission

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The UK Gambling commission has been designed specifically for regulation within the gambling industry. The commission protects gamblers in the UK, with a particular focus to online gambling, and ensures a crime-free, fair and open, and protection-for-all kind of system.

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The UK Gambling commission was orchestrated and is empowered under the Gambling Act of 2005, which is the newest and most improved update to the laws and regulations behind gambling in the UK. With this update, there are new laws that specifically address online gaming and other major changes, such as, transferring authority from the Magistrates’ Court to local authorities, the regulation of illegal lotteries, and opening the door for possible “super casinos” in Britain. Whereas the Gambling Act covers a broad range of regulations, the UK Gambling Commission’s primary focus is the protection of gamblers in the before-mentioned areas of crime activity, keeping the games fair, and ensuring everyone is protected.

The UK Gambling Commission is the number one gambling regulator operation, and is used as a prime example for comparing regulator bodies in other places around the world. One cannot establish a gambling facility without obtaining an official casino license from the gambling commission, even for remote gambling. This also covers all forms of advertising, from television to physical installations. The commission now taxes operators at the ‘point of consumption’ at a flat rate of 15% on gross profits, as well. 

The UK Gambling Commission offers numerous types of gambling licenses, including: betting, bingo, casino games, gaming machines, software, and lotteries. In addition, most online gaming operators usually require remote Personal Management Licenses (PML), which means anyone in charge of important areas of business must obtain a PML before legally being allowed to make operational decisions. The most major benefit in having a casino license is that they prevent the connection between gambling and criminal activity, so anyone who is simply just looking to play safe, entertaining games, can. There are plenty of benefits to having a license that are all based around the central idea of protection, so players can enjoy the perks that come out of gambling without the worry. Finally, another major benefit is that anyone can obtain a casino license, you just have to meet the criteria! 

So, the question that may be on many aspiring player’s minds is, can you trust the UK Gambling Commission? And, the answer is yes, you can indeed trust this commission, as they are considered one of the most credible gaming authorities in the world. The commission has various reasons and important factors behind why one can ultimately trust them. A couple major reasons that fall within the protection against criminal activity as a whole are, protection of players funds, where customer funds are separated from business/operating funds, player identification, and player protection. Other reasons they can be trusted deals with fairness, being reasons such as, fair gambling that uses fair software, honest marketing that excludes misleading promotions and ads, and cash handling that takes action against money laundering. Lastly, the UK Gambling Commission can be trusted to be the best customer service possible.