How to Protect Yourself from Illegitimate Mobile Casinos and Apps

August 16, 2019 Posted in News, Tips by No Comments

The online gaming world is filled with online casinos that all look relatively alike. They have the same catalog of games, offer the same bonus incentives, and some are completely identical save for their logo banner. One thing they have that illegitimate sites do not is proper licensing.

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Luckily, legitimate casinos wear their licensing like a banner. They go out of their way to mention all the gaming authorities that have signed off on them. Despite this many eager players still fall prey to illegitimate sites that offer little to no security or protection. The worst are fake casinos and apps that simply take player’s hard-earned money. For players who want to enjoy virtual game play and stay away from fraud here are five of the best steps to take.

Look at the Games

Legitimate gaming developers do not deal with fraudulent sites. So a casino that does not feature any recognizable titles is a warning sign. Real casinos and apps will have titles from top-tier software companies like Yggdrasil, Evolution, Play N’Go, and NetEnt. Game developers are also continuously releasing new titles. So a great sign of legitimacy is when a casino is constantly updated with a new fare. Be wary of any virtual gaming site that boasts old content with no new updates.

Is Customer Support Qualified?

Customer support is often an overlooked factor when picking an online casino. Most players look for the glitz and glamour primarily. Only when they run into a problem do they think to look at customer support, but by then they have already become members. Legitimate casinos take care of their members. They offer top-tier support to deal with any and all problems. This support is easily accessible, well-trained, and will treat customers cordially. Be wary of sites that make it hard to contact customers support, employee untrained staff, and treat customers indignantly. A site that is interested solely in money will not bother with optimal customer support. They also may make such support difficult to access because it does not really exist.

Vet the Bonuses

Online casinos go out of their way to incentivize players. They offer a wide range of welcome bonus and loyalty bonuses that help extend play time and give members a leg up. A great factor attached to these bonuses is that are all basically the same. Ten times out of ten a virtual casino’s welcome bonus is a deposit match. Their loyalty incentives utilize a point system, a reload period, or fluctuating bonuses that affect bankroll. Game developers also offer fluctuating bonuses on featured games. This is a great way to vet a legitimate casino. Fake casinos and apps will either be devoid of any bonus incentives or will offer marginal ones to entice you to join. Casinos that actually want your membership will continuously award you to keep you playing.

Time the Payouts

Most online casinos try to make the payout process as quick as possible. Many even offer instant payouts. Fraudulent casinos and apps will have payout restrictions. This is because their intention is to never pay you, but they do not want you to figure that out right away. Additionally, illegitimate casinos will have fewer financing options. Most legitimate financial sources stay away from them. So if a casino only has a few payout options and they e-wallets do not trust them.


Last but not least research every online casino you look at. The internet is a huge resource filled with information. Fraudulent casinos leave a huge trail of disgruntled members and low ratings in their wake. A simple search will instantly provide you with positive or negative feedback from other consumers. You can also look at the page itself for licensing. As stated before legit casinos wear their approval like a badge. In the case of phone apps, always look at reviews. If the app is not good people will call it out right there in the play store.