Jackpot for over 200k NZD at King Billy Casino

August 20, 2019 Posted in News by No Comments

Recently, someone hit a big win at King Billy Online Casino. The win was for over $200k. The lucky winner was a guy from Germany named Nopl. He’s a veteran player of the game he won, which is called Dead or Alive 2. Here’s some information about the player, the win, the casino and more.

King Billy Casino

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Big Win

The way that Nopl won so much was because he got a 56,777x multiplier. Ther e are some massive multipliers on the site for these games including the DOA2 game and Nopl managed to get one of them. He made his play that won on August 7, 2019. He has a special status in the King Billy Kingdom site known as ‘prince.’ You can get different official titles on the site based on how much you play as well as other factors. It goes up to king or queen, but Nopl had the prince status.

The Dead or Alive II game was Nol’s favorite game, and it’s produced by the famous developer NetEnt. Nopl was excited about the win and he said he was even a little shocked by it. He’d been playing online slots for over 15 years and this appears to be his biggest win. He even managed to win all of this on just one spin of the wheel for the game This is one of the things that makes the game so exciting for so many people. It really is possible for players to win at any time. No matter how many times you sin and don’t get the result that you wan,t you’re always just one spin more away from winning the big jackpot.

King Billy Casino

The onlin casino is easy to register and sign up for, and when you do you immediately get a citizen status. The more you play the game, the more you can level up your status with increasing loyalty scheme options. In order to get the highest rank quickly, you have to have big wagers on the games such as $50 wagers on the slot machines or up to $3250 wagers on table games or on the video poker options.

This online casino has a VIP system that goes from citizen to Baron or Baronness, then Duke or Duchess, then prince and then queen. You get different advantages based on your title. The point system is called “King’s points,” and it starts with 0 for all new citizens. Then it goes up to 499 points before you get to Baron at 500. There’s no weekly cashback benefit for citizen or baron. Citizens get 1 Euro or 1 New Zealand dollar per 100 points. At Baron, you get 3 New Zealand dollars per 100 points.

Then, you go up to duke at 3000 points where you get a 7 percent weekly cashback and $5 per 100 points. IN order to get up to prince, you have to have a history of depositing at least $20000 as well as more than 20000 points. You get 10 percent cash back at this point and $7 per 100 points. Once someone becomes a king or queen, this goes all the way up to 13% and $8. You can only become a king by invitation, however.

Doa 2

Dead or Alive 2, by NetEnt, is a popular game that many people are constantly playing online. The game is full of stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. It’s highly addictive and you’ll want to keep playing for as long as you possibly can on the game.