NETELLER Casino Banking – Learn more!

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How to make an account on Neteller

1. Sign up for your Neteller account, free of cost!
2. Add funds with multiple installment methods!
3. Send money, spend money, and withdraw money while making secure payments!

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How Do I Know That My Money Is In Good Hands With Neteller?

Neteller is the most dependable form of online payment in the world with up-to-the-minute anti-scam tools and protection features. They have your back around-the-clock!
Whether you have decided to use a credit card, bank account, or a substitute payment option, Neteller takes security seriously.
Neteller’s security measures are produced to keep you protected online and offline. While Neteller will protect your money, you must take precautious measures when protecting your security. Make reasonable decisions.

Upgrade Your Web-Browser

I strongly recommend that you check your web-browser for the most recent version. Web-browsers have a lot of updates that may require critical security patches. You can get the up-to-date version from the developer’s homepage.

Checkup On Your Transaction History

Check your deposit and transaction history regularly. If you are suspicious that someone has exploited your account for a transaction, immediately change your passwords and contact Neteller Customer Support.

Safeguard Your Computer

It will not matter how meticulous you are online if your hardware is not secure. Make sure your computer has antivirus programs and firewalls to prevent thieves and intruders from getting into your network or computer. Never open unknown files from unfamiliar sources.

Be Tight-lipped

Do not share your account info with anyone. Nobody needs your account ID, password, or secure ID except for you. If you do share any of your information it can pose a risk to your money. 

Sign Out Of Your Account

When you are done using your account, make sure to completely sign out of your account before closing the browser window. This will clear your browser’s cache to ensure the protection of anyone signing in trying to be you.

Use Substantial Passwords

Come up with a password that would be hard for others to guess. Create a unique password which is at least 8 characters long, will does not contain your actual name and should contain upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one or more special character(‘@#$%)

Public Computers Are A No Go

Using a public computer that you know nothing about whether they use firewall or antivirus safety can pose a risk to your account safety. Some computers have spyware which can save passwords, account information and, etc. So please be aware of the consequences of signing in to a public computer such as hotels, restaurants, airports, hospitals, and cafes. 

Put Two-Step Authentication on your Account

Two-Step Authentication is an extra security amplification available to your account. It will give you a code sent to your phone to be entered with your email and password or on a merchant cashier page in place of the secure ID.