Red Tiger Gaming Launches New Mystery Reels Megaways Slot Game

April 11, 2019 Posted in Casino Slots, News by No Comments

Red Tiger Gaming recently introduced their new game Mystery Reels Megaways Slot, which is slowly becoming one of the more popular slot machine games that are currently on the market. The six reel video slot game uses an incredibly efficient gaming engine that offers the player multiple different scenarios in which they can potentially win big. This is something that is going to enable players to earn a lot more from the games that they are playing, thus proving to be a great choice for those who like playing online games. The company also offers players a fixed number of free spins that they can potentially win big with. This is something that can help gamers win, even if they aren’t actually putting any kind of money into the game.

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The Symbols

Being a slot machine game, it is essential to know the symbols prevalent here as well as the other intricacies of the game. The game is actually a new take on the old Red Tiger Game known as Mystery Reels. A significant number of symbols that were previously used with the older game are now being implemented in this fresh new version. To start out, the game comprises of a number of fruits, each with their own unique symbol and value associated with it. There are also a number of additional β€˜lucky symbols’ that give much bigger payouts in comparison to the fruits.There is also a series of slots that can trigger a free bonus round, and getting that enables you to play the next round for free.

Mystery symbols are the newest addition to the lot and stand as something that impacts the manner in which these symbols function. A magic symbol has the chance of altering the manner in which symbols function by closing the symbols so as to make them similar to each other. This process is something that can increase the chances of winning, which is why mystery symbols are so incredibly sought after.


The playability is incredibly important in any kind of online game and Mystery Reels Megaways Slot tends to be one game that is incredibly streamlined in that regard. The gameplay of the new game is fairly similar to the older version of the game but does have a considerable amount of optimizations that make it significantly easier and smoother than before. The game itself is incredibly easy to understand and play. There are six columns that determine the overall system and you can have up to seven symbols in a row. The number of symbols that you can get in a turn is largely based on the kind of symbols that you have got.

Clearing the entire board is also significantly easier in this version of the game. The avalanche is one mechanic that enables you to destroy some of the symbols on the board so that you can make space for new ones. This is something that can help you make better combinations to win.

The payouts received with this game are one of the biggest reasons why it has grown to become so popular. The game offers a payout that is around 5000 times that of the bet, which can go up even more if you plan to keep going. The free spins are just an added bonus that can help you keep going and enables you to win bigger.

Compatible Devices

For those who love to game, Red Tiger Gaming has made the entire system significantly better by implementing the game across a number of different platforms. The game is available on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and almost any other kind of compatible device.