What is RTP at Online Casinos?

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The element of return to player (RTP) is of interest to any customer of online casinos who play slot machines. This is a term used for the percentage of wagered money that will be returned to the slot machine player over time from the games. When it is explained it provides players the knowledge of how these games work in relation to gambling funds spent and the return payoff.

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How does RTP Work?

The betting platform of casinos and players on slot machines will have the wagered money paid back over time. When calculated it is based on an average of approximately 1,000 plays. This means it is a long-term player that can expect to see the return to player benefits. However, short-term the player might see benefits of the RTP, the way this can happen involves:

β€’ The player that makes $1 bets 100 times on a slot machine could expect a return of about $90. This is equal to a 90 percent RTP, which would also mean the game is not to the advantage of the house or rather casino. Since they will only keep 10 percent of the money wagered.

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Gambling Laws

In the UK the gambling laws by the UK Gambling Commission require that games including slot machines must have a clear display of the return to player percentage or odds of winning payouts. This is required for casino games so players have a clear understanding of the percentage of their chance to win when wagering. The one issue with this for short-term players is this average is based on the long-term play on a slot machine or other game. However, this regulation by the Gambling Commission does not require a standard minimum percentage of payouts.

What the regulation does specify:
β€’ The gaming machines shall display if they are random or compensated along with the return to player figure information.

This regulation by the commission allows players to check the slots guide to know which slot machines have the highest RTP giving them the best chance to win payouts on their wagers if they are long-term players. It can also give short-term slot machine players important information on how to make wagers that can provide a return to player percentage.

Return to Player Paybacks

The average rate the player can expect on machine payouts will depend on the profit made by the house on the game. Casino or game operators will advertise their highest average return to payer payout rate. This is done to attract gamblers to the other casino games after playing the slot machine that RTP is enticing to customers. The average of this percentage depending on the country and casino is generally between 90 and 96 percent.

The one thing slot machine players must remember when wagering even with high RTP percentages is that the casino operator has the goal of making a profit from their games. Though, most profit will be made from other types of games such as games of chance like table games, poker, roulette, and others. Another thing to remember is the game software is using a form of random number generator at casinos. But with slot machines that have a 90 to 96 percentage payback rate the player can expect for every Β£100 they spend they can expect a return of Β£90 to Β£96 back. However, the chance of playing the slot games to a successful completion is completely random since it depends on a random generator. The payback figures that must be posted by law may also be based on the qualifying play of a game that has a chance of bonus rounds, which increases the chance of winding since the number of money bets being raised by the player.


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