Top European Nations That Are Into Gambling

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The casino is a term that everyone is familiar with.

Everyone is in love with it and there are casino rooms all around the world.

From the USA to Asia and Australia, it’s literally everywhere.

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But, do you know what is the best continent to have a little gambling fun with?

Europe, of course.

Even the casino capital like Monte Carlo is here, in Europe.

And this finally brings us to the question: what are the top European counties that are absolutely crazy about gambling?

Monte Carlo

Of course, this one pretty much obvious. As I mentioned before, Monte Carlo and Monaco are the symbols of the modern casino.

The glamour, the luxury, and the high-class casinos are only a small part of what Monte Carlo has to offer.

The A-class celebrities are absolutely enjoying this casino city, and maybe that’s why it called the casino capital.

Many people think that it’s Las Vegas, but in my opinion, this city is for the win.

No one can compete with the top of the rich city that never sleeps, right?

monte carlo casino


What’s missing when you mention cocktails and endless beaches that you can sit on and watch the sunset?

A casino night, of course. Does this see, like a good combination for you

? Well, look no further, because malta has it all!

Parties, celebrities, sunny weather, and the casino culture are to die for.

It’s no wonder that this β€œrock” (this is how its citizens are calling it) has gained a certain popularity in the past few years.

The casino is certainly one of those reasons!

Whoever went in malta wishes that they never get back because every day is like a vacation.

Can you really have it all? With malta as your casino destination, you definitely can! 


Last but definitely not least is the Mediterranean piece fo heaven, famous Italy.

This county that combines pasta and wine at any time of the day can also show you a good time when it comes to the gambling world.

And you know what’s even better?

As a fun fact as well, the oldest casino in the whole wide world is right here, in Italy.

The popular Casino di Venezia apparently dates all the way back to 1683 and is considered as the oldest gambling place known to humans.

Apparently, the Italians have a strong connection with their gambling ancestors who were pretty successful at it, if you ask me.

You will certainly feel welcomed whenever you visit this country, let alone if you play a round or two! 

casino di venezia, italy

The casino world is a place that everyone should feel enjoyed at all times.

There isn’t space for judgment and all kinds of hate because it’s supposed to be fun and joyful.

Isn’t it the best? 


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