The Best Arabian-Themed Slot Games

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The fairytales of our childhood are magic that can never fade away.

They are really popular and that’s why everyone loves them.

It is the only way to our childhood memories.

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There are many fairytales that are famous all around the world, and the Arabian Nights are one of them.

The tales about magic carpet, long warm nights, and the magic lamp are only a few elements of what makes this franchise amazing.

Well, imagine the combination between them and the slots.

Here are the best Arabian slots for you! 

Aladdin’s Treasure Slot (Pragmatic Play)

Everyone knows the Disney story of Aladdin and Jasmine.

Well, this slot will make your whole world magical.

The Aladdin’s Treasure Slot is a slot game that has over 96% RTP and its the very best in this field.

The Aladdin’s slot has the typical desert theme that is colored with bright ad rich colors.

And of course, there is Aladdin as well waiting for you to spin the handle.

With many bonus features, no wonder that this casino game is so good.

You can also find Jaffar and Jasmine among the slot symbols.

The exotic theme and the atmosphere that the game itself is giving is pretty much why everyone loves this game. 

slot game

Sultan’s Gold Slot (Playtech)

Jasmine, swords, genie, and the lamp- this game has it all.

This Arabian night’s version game is like no other; the atmosphere is run by the purple and the gold color.

Exactly what you expect from an Arabian slot game.

A great thing about it is that it has placed in it for both low and high rollers (the betting limit is from $0.50 to $50).

Whatever you choose, this game will accept you just the way you are.

There are many palm trees, the sultan palace, and even free spins and bonuses.

What could be better than this, right? 

slot game

Arabian Nights Slot (NetEnt)

Last but definitely not least is the Arabian Nights Slot.

Have you ever heard of 1001 nights?

Scheherezade takes you on a journey through the many tales that will not only keep you entertained, but it will also bring you money.

The RTP on this game is 95% and that’s why this slot is among our list.

NetEnt never disappoints, and the story about Arabian Nights will make you even more excited.

The magic lamp is the most important symbol that will guide you through the game, and plus, there are many bonuses that can be won.

You just need to have faith in yourself! 

slot game

The Arabian nights are a tale that certainly can’t be forgotten.

It’s so popular and interesting that you can’t look away from it up until you read it.

Well, it’s the same thing with these kinds of casino slots as well.

They are irresistible! 


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