Virtual Reality and the Fight to Break Gambling Addictions

June 26, 2018 Posted in News by No Comments

Virtual reality games are being played by anyone who gains access to these activities today. From people who carry their mobile phones wherever they go to toddlers who know how to use their families personal computers, no one appears to be left out. These games are also designed to simulate a wide variety of environments. So, it is not uncommon for most people play the video games that they like and prefer best.

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Having said that, there is a relatively new theory that is going around that helps to perpetuate and approve many of these games. One of which is considered to be more than useful to some newly proposed set of players. In specific, players that have an addiction to playing real casino games. This is because this new group of players can be freed of their gambling addiction by satisfying these needs with a substitute. With this new concept, it is important to note that there are both pros and cons to utilizing virtual games as a new innovative therapy.

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Proposed Benefits to Encouraging Virtual Games As Therapy

Virtual reality games can simulate the feel and thrill of playing casino games so they are being recommended as an alternative to breaking these addictions. By using games that do not cost the individual money, the addiction can be transferred from people who lose all of their familyโ€™s monthly income to a non-costly video game that has some of the same or similar functionalities. Thereby, giving addicts a chance to wean themselves away from the real casino games into a relatively harmless simulated environment.

Drawbacks to Encouraging Virtual Games As Therapy

Just like any other product, service, technique, strategy or therapy, there are cons to this concept too. So, before these types of therapies are being pushed to the forefront and mainstream society, the entire picture must be considered along with the possibilities of during more damage than good. While this new therapy may sound feasible and good, there is a potential dark side to taking this course of action.

Controversial technology being promoted as a solution.

Today, not all professionals in the VR or the Psychological Field are on board with this idea. This is because the proposed cure can may not even be a bandaid on these problems. Based on the information that is being released, the potential for these problems to get bigger can get out of hand. For instance, if these concepts go forward, they are expecting that the gambling casinos will have add number of 125,000 that will be exposed to this risks.


According to information posted on several different credible sites, this alternative may be a big mistake and cause more difficulties as a result. This is due to the fact that the consistent playing in a virtual setting that looks really real can magnify the addiction versus breaking it. By allowing these people to play in a setting that is even more convenient to get to, there is a risk of producing a group that is pathological.

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