Casino Hacking and how Online Casinos avoid hackers

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Casino hacking has become an everyday activity on many occasions around the globe and hence the need for proper ways to prevent piracy. In the modern world, all online tasks are at significant risks of attacks, malware, and hackers. The hackers always tend to be on the lookout for people with resources on the online accounts and lucrative online data. Online casinos are not also spared in this siege, and it can be very frustrating it was hacked.

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Online gamers often have many games on steam secured in a single account that are worth a fortune. Some cases have been reported of high-profile information breaches in the gaming world that include Steam, Microsoft Xbox, and the Sony PlayStation. Hacking is even easier if one is using online casinos softwares such as the Playtech. Players need to be taught the risks and good practices to avoid hackers as well as implementing proper security tools especially those using the online platforms. Below are tips about how a player can protect himself from hackers including some measures that are helpful in avoiding the hacking practices.

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Phishing attacks- these kinds of attacks are significant threats to both companies and online players. According to a Ponemon Institute report done recently, phishing causes average cost of $3.77 million per annum for companies. The hacker often gets ways of obtaining the login information through trickery. The hacker may send the player an email that may look like it has been submitted by the provider company of the online game. They may trick the user to provide the username and the password promising them a reward if they meet the requirements. Once the player provides the credentials, the attacker easily accesses the account through logging in. It can only get worse since the attacker can decide to lock the user out by changing the password.

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The player must always be cautious in determining the fake emails and taking caution before they fall for the trick. It should also be noted that no company would ever ask the user to provide their password for any reason. If the sent email has a link that directs the player to log in for any particular reason, then they should act with caution. It is always advisable to verify that the emails the gamers receive come from the provider company by an easy way of checking the headers carefully if they are genuine. One can also contact the company directly and inquire about the source of the email through the support rather than responding to the suspicious email.

Malware- these are viruses, worms, Trojans or malicious code used from way back by the cyber-attacks. If malware accesses unprotected machine, it can get access to personal information including credentials by taking control of the device. Online gamers are targeted using different families of malware. Kaspersky Security, for example, alarmed the game users on the Steam Stealer that used a malware on Steam users by accessing their personal information and gaming assets for sale of $1,000 per unit. One of the prevention measures against malware attack is the installation of the antimalware solution on the device. Some of the antimalware solutions are free such as the Windows Defender which is a Windows 10 default and also gives protection against malware attack. The user should also take precaution against the installation of software on the devices from unrecognized links but rather download applications from the official app store.

Password Cracking- attackers, may also guess or crack passwords to access the accounts. They could use Brute force which is a program that exhaustively feeds passwords to the system hoping that one of them will work. Weak passwords are faster to crack than stronger ones.

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